Reader rewards

Here at Storm Moon Press, we love our readers, and we'd like to offer our readers a chance to earn free books. With our Reader Rewards program, you earn points for every book you order or pre-order, and you can then turn those points in for free books. Yes, free books!

How do I earn points?
   You earn points by buying books. Simple as that. Each purchase is worth a certain number of points.

Book TypePoints
Short story1

Double points?
   Yep. If you pre-order a novella, you will earn 4 points toward a free book. If you buy a print novel, you'll receive 6 points toward a free book. (These bonuses are not cumulative, so pre-ordering a print novel is still only 6 points. Sorry!)

How many points do I have to earn to get a free book?
   We base how many points are needed by the length of book you'd like for free.

Book TypePoints
Short story5
Print Novel35

Are all books eligible to earn points?
   Any book bought will earn you points, whether it's a pre-order or a two-year-old backlist title.

Are all books eligible to claim with points?
   Only books that have been released for 30 days or more are eligible to exchange for points. This means you cannot use your Reader Rewards points for pre-orders or new releases.

When does the Reader Reward program go into effect?
   Immediately, and we have applied reward points retroactively. Check your bookshelf to see how many points you currently have in the bank! You may already qualify for a free book from us!

And if I have any questions?
   Feel free to email info @ (remove spaces around @) with any questions you might have.