Our Staff

S.L. Armstrong - Editor in Chief

S.L. Armstrong has been writing for as long as she can remember. Art and reading have played a large part in her life since young childhood, but around fourteen, writing became her passion. Voraciously consuming every book in front of her opened up hundreds of worlds in her head, and she soon wanted to create worlds for other people as well. She has a particular fondness for gothic horror, horror, high fantasy, urban fantasy, and romance novels. The authors she turns to time and again are Stephen King, L.J. Smith, V.C. Andrews, R.L. Stine, and Anne Rice, among others. She has no shame in picking up the young adult novels she loved as a child, and she will talk your ear off about grammar and punctuation.

In 2007, she began seeking a publishing avenue for her gay romance fiction, but wasn't happy with what her research turned up time and again. Low royalties, poor cover art, bad editing, terrible formatting, and publishers who would rather produce a high number of mediocre books rather than a small number of high-quality books. After spending another three years researching, planning, and a lot of second-guessing, she launched Storm Moon Press in 2010 with her husband, Roger, and long-time friend, K. Piet.

Since then, she has seen the business grow from a primarily self-publishing venture into a legitimate independent press consistently mentioned alongside other rising stars in the genre.

K. Piet - Marketing Director

K. Piet often credits her humble introduction to the world of customer service and promotion to the menial jobs she has worked over the years. From the concessions stand at a movie theatre to helping real estate agents with their pop-by promotion and mailings, K. has always had an eye for mixing professionalism with enough fun to leave a positive impression. Extroverted and a self-proclaimed 'people person', she's always up for social interaction online and thrives in environments of face-to-face contact.

Balance is what K. strives for in her life and career. It comes as no surprise that she has chosen to pair the usually solitary profession of writing with the extroversion needed for promotion, marketing, and author relations. As one of the founders of Storm Moon Press, she is dedicated to promoting the press and its authors at every opportunity, a job she has happily done since SMP's inception in 2010. From booking blog tours to setting up reviews with both prominent and up-and-coming reviewers, you can be sure that K. is behind the scenes of Storm Moon Press, working to get the press and authors featured where potential readers can see.

Roger Armstrong - Webmaster

After graduating from Birmingham-Southern College at the age of nineteen with a Bachelor of Computer Science, Roger Armstrong dove into his chosen field: dynamic internet programming. He has spent the last fifteen years of his life immersed in the internet and has finally settled into a career focused on e-commerce web development. At Storm Moon Press, he's put his skills to work developing, maintaining, and improving our website, creating the ebooks, and picking up slack wherever he can.

Cari Z -- Administrative Assistant

Cari Z is a Colorado girl who loves snow and sunshine, which is good because living there, she sometimes gets both in the same day. Get back on your meds, Colorado! *ahem* Anyway. Check her blog for info on new releases, upcoming projects, and works in progress at http://carizerotica.blogspot.com, or follow her on twitter at @author_cariz. You can contact Cari at carizabeth@hotmail.com. In fact, please do. She'd love to hear from you.

Candie Syphrit -- Social Media Coordinator

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Amanda Ching -- Managing Editor

Amanda Ching has taught high school English, worked as an associate director of education at a popular tutoring chain, raised goats and sheep and dry cleaned more clothes than she would ever wear in her lifetime. She also writes genre fiction under her own name and aliases that will never see the light of day. Lately, she has turned her hand to professional editing, which she finds challenging and inspiring. Though she proofs mostly academic papers, Storm Moon Press is her first official retainer. She looks forward to working with any author and manuscript that comes her way. You can follow her exploits as cerebralcutlass on Twitter, stalk her goodreads page, or read her blog, Panda-monium.

April L'Orange -- Developmental Editor

As writers and editors often do, April L'Orange has juggled an eclectic assortment of jobs, including GED tutor, computer geek, copy editor, and developmental editor. Due to a legacy of wrist and elbow trouble that comes of arguing with computers (she swears she never even used the cricket bat, only the keyboard), she currently manages both her editing and her writing through the magic of voice recognition software. Typos like "mutual aberration society" amuse her greatly.

Her publication credits range from romance to science fiction, and her editing portfolio covers half a dozen genres plus nonfiction over the course of twenty years. She has edited on contract for Fools' Moon Inc., Secret Cravings Press, and Storm Moon Press. Her freelance editing includes work for several authors who publish under imprints of the big six publishing houses.

Editing philosophy: "My job as an editor is to make you look good. I don't want to rewrite your story, and I'm not interested in changing your voice as a writer. I am interested in providing you with the best possible information, so that you can make educated choices about your own writing. I don't expect you to slavishly make every change I suggest. I just want to know that you thought about them carefully, from both storytelling and commercial viewpoints."

To learn more, visit www.EisforEdit.com and AprilLOrange.wordpress.com. For information, opinions, and general snark, follow AprilLOrange on Twitter.

Dionne Obeso -- Editor

Dionne stocks vats of red ink so she doesn't have to feel stingy when she gets her hands on a fresh, innocent manuscript. You might call her brutal, but she does what she does for the absolute love of the language, of a beautiful story well told, and of helping authors improve in their craft. It's not every day you get to take something beautiful-but-flawed and help wipe away its imperfections—unless you're an editor, that is! Dionne is addicted to reading, devoted to her family, and has been known to develop a slight twitch at the worst cases of English Language Abuse. She hangs out at DionneObeso.com, and she loves emails (dionneobeso@gmail.com)!

Tracey Penningtom -- Editor

At the age of seven, Tracey Pennington fell under the influence of her first love—Spockian logic, which evolved into a fondness for internally consistent stories and characterization. At twelve, she met Mrs. Susan Roche, the English teacher who was to render the rules of spelling, grammar, punctuation and capitalization unforgettable. These two powerful influences led to Tracey beta-reading fanfic, proofreading and editing friends' manuscripts before submission to various small presses, and, finally, to professional editing, which she has been doing since 2009. She still thinks that fanfic being the root of her career is one of the coolest things ever.

Tracey graduated from St. Joseph College in West Hartford, Connecticut with a double major in political science and history—though this occurred rather more years ago than she wants to mention. Three of her favorite memories involve climbing the pyramids at Tíkal, attending Hertford College at Oxford University for a summer, and exploring Scotland. Prior to becoming an editor, she worked as a paralegal, a state employee, a clerical assistant in the state Attorney General's office, and a telemarketer, though her worst job involved compiling mail-out health packages for an insurance company while the building was on fire. (She would like to note that trying to get past guards determined to keep workers in a burning building is not fun.) When she's not editing manuscripts, she enjoys writing, logic puzzles, watching online shows such as Brows Held High, Atop the Fourth Wall, and Tabletop, and discussing alternate universes with friends, especially Shakespearean AUs.

Sheri Hird -- Developmental Editor

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Kristen Pavka -- Line Editor

Kristen earned her bachelor's in history from the University of Maryland - University College in August of 2011. She loves doing research and collecting history books. Her favorite time periods/places to study are early American, French history, the Tudors, and the Elizabethan eras. Although, she is a sucker for a good historical biography, and will read as many as she can.

Since graduating, she has been working in the writing and editing field. She began by writing freelance pieces, but has branched out over time to include editing. Kristen loves being able to help a story reach its full potential. She is a recent addition to Storm Moon Press; she started in April 2012, but so far she has enjoyed her work immensely.

Aside from editing and writing, Kristen enjoys reading and is rarely without her favorite accessory: her Kindle. She is also married with two kids, so that occupies a lot of her time. Kristen also likes visiting tourist traps, Disney World, and watching bad reality television.

Jason Bradley -- Proofreader

After attending college for a degree in Psychology, Jason decided to put that knowledge to work as an editor and proofreader. He works with three different online publishers in their editing departments, plus accepts side work from various authors. Other than holding down his dream job, he lives in Ft. Worth with his partner, their daughter, and way too many pets.

Kat Merikan -- Art Director

Kat Merikan studied Art History and Fine Art in Wales, specialising in illustration. She works all sorts of freelance jobs as an illustrator, photographer, as well as a translator. Kat loves going to museums, exhibitions and finding new artists to follow their work. She's always interested in seeking out new talent and has an ever-growing bookmarks folder full of art sites to check out.

She lives in the UK with her best friend and co-writer - Agnes Merikan. Together they create the K.A. Merikan writing duo and travel to all sorts of interesting places around Europe, though the future involves plans of traveling all around the world.

Diana Callinger

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Nathie Block

Nathie is a freelance illustrator/artist from Germany, born in 1971, and graduated as a print media designer twenty years ago. Zie has been working for five years now as a digital painter for several companies and private clients, mostly as cover artist or game card illustrator/character designer. Zie lives in the middle of nowhere in Germany, surrounded by meadows and trees, and yes, zie talks with trolls and elves and dances in the woods.

In hir freetime, zie loves to play sports, read, play the church organ or classical guitar, and write and visit medieval faires. Art has always been a part of hir life and is hir passion and favourite hobby. Before zie started to paint digitally, zie worked with traditional media like graphite, colored pencils, acrylics, and airbrush. Sometimes, if zie finds the time, zie still does.

Yana Goya

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Lou Harper

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Cleon Lee -- Head of Acquisitions

Cleon has a busy mind and busy hands. When she's not devising a thousand ways to get two hot men together, she makes handmade jewelry. Away from her work desk, she can be found in the nearest shopping mall window shopping or watching movies with her friends.

Although a cynic at heart, she's passionate that the stories she reads and writes have happy endings because she believes the world needs more optimism.

Her physical self is located in Asia, but her family and friends think she lives in a castle in the sky.

Lisa H.

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Zach Sweets

Landing a position as a slush reader at Storm Moon Press is a dream job for avid reader Zach Sweets. He reads nearly everything, even if it's out of his comfort zone. He has the ability to separate his personal feelings from his work and provide editors honest feedback based on the story structure. It is his goal to make sure Storm Moon Press gets the best manuscripts, from both new and published authors. When he's not reading, he is an author with two published books (so far). His specialty is blending romance with horror and creating heroes who don't fit the typical mold. It's something he knows a lot about; he's been deaf since birth. He spends his downtime preparing for the impending zombie apocalypse with his partner in the Arizona desert and designing web sites. You can learn more about Zach Sweets at his website, follow his twitter, or friend him on his facebook.