Frequently asked questions

About us

What types of books does Storm Moon Press publish?
   We publish GLBTQ and alternative lifestyle fiction from the following genres:

  • Contemporary
  • Fantasy
  • Science Fiction
  • Paranormal
  • Horror
  • Urban Fantasy
  • Historical
  • Mystery/Suspense
  • Speculative Fiction

   Stories should be romantically-themed and erotically-charged, but do not have to be explicitly sexual.

   Additionally, we are seeking a limited number of mainstream, heterosexual romances to be released each year through our Wild Moon Books imprint.

   We are also accepting GLBTQ young adult submissions to be released each year through our Budding Moon Books imprint.

What makes Storm Moon Press different?
   We are a small press, defined as a Limited Liability Company, dedicated to a specific niché market. There is no intention on our part to become a medium or large press in the future. Our goal is to publish quality fiction, and no more than 24-48 titles a year. Any more than that and we believe we will compromise our original intent for this press, which was to offer erotic romances (with an emphasis on GLBT and alternative lifestyle characters and themes) in print formats while offering our authors the best royalties we could.

What formats does Storm Moon Press publish?
   We publish in both print and e-book formats. Our print books are digital Print On Demand books, but we contract directly with the printer, and this keeps our costs down and our print books competitive with other novels within our market. We have full print distribution through Ingram Book Company, Baker & Taylor, Barnes &, and as well as various UK outlets. Our titles can also be ordered through any major brick and mortar retailer. Our e-books are available on this site, as well as through the Amazon Kindle Store, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Sony, Diesel, iBookstore, All Romance Ebooks, and the GLBT Bookshelf. Other third-party e-book distribution sites may be added in the future.

Is Storm Moon Press affiliated with any other indie presses?
   No. We are a Limited Liability Company that is an entity all on its own.

Does Storm Moon Press release anthologies?
   Yes. We release a number of anthologies each year. Feel free to visit our Anthology Submissions for the guidelines and for a list of anthologies currently accepting submissions.

How can I stay abreast of new developments with Storm Moon Press?
   Click here to subscribe to our announcements mailing list.

I can't find an answer to my question on this page. What should I do?
   Feel free to send an email to webmaster @ (remove the spaces when surrounding the @ sign when emailing us).


How long is the turn around time at Storm Moon Press?
   We will respond to your query within 24 hours of receipt simply to confirm we have received it. Allow four to six (4-6) weeks for us to contact you about either sending a full manuscript submission or our passing on your query.

   Should we ask for a full manuscript to review, allow twelve (12) to fourteen (14) weeks for a personal reply with regards to that manuscript.

Will my manuscript be edited?
   Yes. It will be edited by a professional editor so that it conforms to our house standards. Any major changes to the manuscript will be noted when the edited file is returned to the author for discussion and the final edits.

How soon after my submission is accepted will my book be published?
   We will publish your book within one year of contracting the work. A release date will be included in your contract.

May I use my own cover art?
   No. We have artists we choose to work with, and that allows us to have a uniform look and feel to all our covers.

May I include illustrations in my book?
   Interior illustrations can drive up the price of a book. While we discourage adding illustrations, we are willing to work with authors who may wish to include a small number of black and white images within their books. Please, upon submitting your full manuscript, let us know if you have black and white illustrations you wish to include in the book, how many there are, and proof that you either own the rights to the artwork or that the rights to use the artwork have been granted to you by the artist as well as the artist's contact information so we can confirm the transfer of rights for publication.


What are your contract terms?
   Our contract is based off the Epic Model Contract with modifications necessary for our particular press. We ask for first English language publication rights in both electronic and print. We seek exclusive electronic and electronic rights for four (4) years for novels, novellas, and short stories. When the contract is set to expire, the author has the option of renewing the contract. Should the contract not be renewed, all rights revert. Contracts are negotiable, and they are available for review upon acceptance.

   Anthology contracts ask for three (3) years electronic and print rights both for the anthology. Upon termination of the contract, any work within the anthology has the rights revert to their original copyright holder to resell as they see fit.

Does Storm Moon Press offer advances?
   Some titles will be offered a negotiated advance.

What are Storm Moon Press' royalty rates for published manuscripts?
   Royalties on print books will be 20% of cover price on direct sales through Storm Moon Press' e-store, and 15% of cover price minus distribution costs for sales through third party vendors like, paid quarterly.

   Royalties on e-books will be 40% of cover price on direct sales through Storm Moon Press' e-store, and 30% of cover price minus distribution costs for sales through third party vendors, paid quarterly.

   If we offer books through a third party vendor, those royalties will be paid when Storm Moon Press receives the funds from the third party vendor.

Do you have a first refusal clause?

Do you have a full audit clause?
   Yes, we do.

What happens if Storm Moon Press dissolves as a business entity?
   Should Storm Moon Press disband, all rights will immediately revert to the copyright holder. There is a clause within our contract that outlines this.


I'm not published through Storm Moon Press, but would like feedback on my writing. Can you help?
   No, we're sorry, but we only extend constructive criticism to those we publish or intend to publish.

Do you accept submissions from international authors?
   Yes, we do, but royalties are not paid by bank check, but through a direct Paypal transfer. The author must have Paypal in order to receive their royalty payments on time, and that information needs to be provided when the contract is entered into. Royalties are still paid quarterly.

Do I need an agent to get published through Storm Moon Press?
   No. We accept both agented and unagented submissions.

Are there subjects/themes within a manuscript that will cause it to be automatically rejected?
   Yes. Storm Moon Press does not accept the following under any circumstance:

  • Young Adult manuscripts
  • Pedophilia (sex involving one or more persons under the age of 18)
  • Necrophilia (sex with dead bodies -- vampires, zombies, and the like don't count)
  • Bestiality (sex with non-sentient animals or shifters in full animal form)
  • Scat or golden showers (sex involving urine or feces play)
  • Gratuitous violence (including splatterpunk, slasher, and torture-porn)
  • Rape intended to arouse (though we will consider forced seduction or dubious consent if it is respectfully handled)
  • Snuff (sex during which one or more persons are killed)

   If you worry about a subject or theme within your manuscript, please contact editor @ (remove the spaces when surrounding the @ sign when emailing us) with a detailed explanation of the subject/theme you have a question about. We will try to respond as quickly as possible.

You ask for a marketing plan when querying. Why?
   While we are prepared to market you through various websites, blogs, ads, review sites, and conventions, we also feel the author should understand they are equally responsible for their promotion and marketing. Submissions sent to us without a marketing plan in place, without the author investing in their own product as much as they expect us to, will be rejected without being considered.

Do I have to pay Storm Moon Press to publish my book?
   Absolutely not. You pay for no portion of the publishing process. Storm Moon Press, as the publisher, pays for all expenses incurred in the publication of your manuscript. We are not a vanity press. You will never be charged for reviewing, editing, cover art, or printing.

Do you accept unfinished manuscripts?
   Yes, we do accept queiries and extend contracts for incomplete manuscripts, though authors must have a full outline available for us to consider.

Do you accept simultaneous submissions?
   No. If you are submitting your manuscript to another press, please refrain from submitting to us until you hear back from the other press.

Do you allow multiple submissions?
   Yes, though all submissions must follow our guidelines and be submitted as separate email query letters.

Can I resubmit a rejected submission (either novel or anthology)?
   No. If we have rejected your submission, it means it was not a manuscript we felt fit our press. Please, do not resubmit manuscripts or anthology pieces once they have been rejected. On the other hand, if we respond with suggestions for improvement rather than a straight rejection, you are invited to resubmit once those suggestions have been addressed.

Does Storm Moon Press provide feedback on rejected manuscripts?
   That depends on the staff member who composes your rejection. Some will offer constructive criticism if they believe some adjustments would improve the manuscript while others will simply send a rejection, allowing you to submit to another press.

Does Storm Moon Press have a author packet I can look over?
   Yes, we do. You can download our most popular author packet and read it over. (Updated December 2013)


How do I choose my e-book format?
   Storm Moon Press does not feel that you should have to choose a single e-book format. As such, when you purchase an e-book through the Storm Moon Press site, you have full access to ePub (Sony), MOBI (Kindle), LIT (Microsoft), and PDF (Adobe) formats. From your Bookshelf, you can select any or all of the formats to download at any time.

I'd like a Storm Moon Press book in an e-book format that isn't listed for sale. Can you help?
   We endeavor to provide our e-books in all of the most popular file formats. As new formats become available, we will slowly go through our back list and make those formats available as well.

I've purchased a pre-order of an e-book, how will I receive it?
   Your pre-order purchase will appear on your Bookshelf without a download link until release day, at which point, you will be able to download it in any of our provided formats.

I've downloaded an e-book from you, but the file has been deleted from my computer. Can I redownload my purchase?
   We do allow unlimited re-downloading of files you have purchased. Your Bookshelf retains your purchase history and allows access to all e-book formats for redownload at any time.

Does Storm Moon Press sell books internationally?
   Both our e-books and print books are available for purchase and download around the world as permitted by your country's laws and regulations.

I bought a book from Storm Moon Press and would like to return it. Do you take returns?
   No, we do not accept returns of either print material or e-books.

What forms of payment does Storm Moon Press accept?
   We work with Paypal to provide our shopping cart services. It is not necessary to have a Paypal account, however, as they will accept payments from any major credit card. When purchasing with a credit card, though, Paypal will not automatically return you to this site after your payment. You must click the "Return to Storm Moon Press" link on the purchase confirmation page in order to complete your purchase.

How can I access my ebooks after purchase?
   Following your completed purchase, we will send an email to the address you provided during payment that will include a password. From the Storm Moon Press site, click "Log In" from the top of the left sidebar and enter the email and password to access your bookshelf. You can then click on the link for the format you wish to download. (Do not right click and select "Save As" -- this will not work.)

I have already purchased a book, but it does not appear in the list with my new purchase.
   Bookshelf accounts are created based on your Paypal email address. Be sure that you have not made purchases with multiple Paypal accounts. If you discover this to be the case, please contact us at webmaster @, and we can assist you in combining the two purchases under a single Bookshelf account.