Obedience Classes

"We've got a stray bucking the system—went to college and decided that Pack is passé. He's causing ripples among the teenagers."

"Oh, no, not that." Dirk gave Lindsay a wink. He kept aloof from the Pack himself. He wasn't like other wolves. Of course, he got away with it in part because his sister was married to the Alpha.

Boston growled. "Don't mock. There's a petition going around asking me to 'dispense with the archaic ritual scraping and bowing to the Alpha'."

Dirk made an effort not to show his amusement; he could see how that would be a problem, even if it was funny from the outside. It wasn't a matter of blind obedience—it was a matter of safety. Compared to most of the population, Lycanths were powerful at their weakest, able to challenge and hurt humans, not to mention expose the Pack. The rules existed for a reason: without the rules, humans could be hurt, and the balance that let them live alongside the general populace would be toppled. There would be repercussions for that. "So what are you going to do about it?"

"I'm not." Boston gave him an evil grin. "You are."