Gay and Lesbian Coffee Break Quickies

Sarah purred as she climbed onto the massage table and slid between the sheets. The table warmer was on, and everything was smooth and toasty. That alone helped dial Sarah's tension back a notch, and she positioned herself on the table, adjusting the face cradle until her neck was comfortable. There was a scent of citrus and spice wafting to her nose, and Sarah smiled against the padding of the face cradle. Gwen must have rubbed a little aromatherapy lotion along the ridge of the face cradle cover. Sarah made a mental note to try that in the future. It reminded her of Gwen, and that vision of Gwen naked in the woods popped into her mind again. Beautiful, sprite-like with her blond pixie-cut, so forbidden. It was an intoxicating fantasy that made Sarah tingle between her legs. Her hand inched toward her groin, her fingers wiggling between her body and the sheets to play along her folds.

A knock at the door made her jump, her hand snapping back to her side in an instant. "Come in!" she called, cursing the crack in her voice and the pounding of her heart as Gwen quickly stepped into the room and turned the lights down.

"Nice and comfortable?" Gwen asked as she tidied up the sheets over Sarah's body. Sarah's answering grunt made Gwen laugh. "I know. Your back hurts, and you probably have a lot of tension in your neck and glutes, too. Anything else you'd like me to pay attention to?"

Sarah could name a few things at the moment, but none of them were appropriate, so she just mumbled into the face cradle. "Do whatever you like. I'm game."

-- from "Hands On" by K. Piet

"It's kind of sad." He stepped out of my cubicle and, without question, I followed him. He smelled like fresh paper and copper. "I never had an office fling."

"What?" I heard him just fine, but it's the kind of thing I kind of had to hear again. There was some grade five tingling going on in my nether regions when he said that. Needed some time to get that under control. "Looking like that, you couldn't get any bites on the line?"

"Of course I did." We rounded the corner into the lunchroom. Why did I follow him? Two words: gor and geous. We sat at one of the tables and Tommy leaned the chair back until it was just on the two rear legs. "Who in the office would I sleep with? Donald? Tim? That twit with the stuffed fish?"


"For fuck's sake, this place is devoid of anyone doable." He leaned around, eyeing me up and down. "Stand up."


"I've only ever seen you sitting down. Stand up."

"Okay." I rose and turned, my cheeks burning, desperate to force the crotch growth down before he noticed it.

Tommy stood up. "I wasn't entirely right."

-- from "1-888-BOREDOM" by Raven de Hart