Gift of Self

I walked into the room carrying a tray of snacks and found my beloved mistress, Athena, watching the Macy's Day Parade on television. She shut it off as I approached with small a tray of cheese slices, a selection of crackers, olives, salami rolled up with cream cheese inside, and a bunch of grapes, just in case she was sick of the snack foods.

"You're going to spoil me," she said, petting my hair as I knelt beside her. I presented the tray, and she popped an olive into her mouth before taking the tray and setting it on the coffee table in front of her. "How are you, darling?"

"Well, thank you. The turkey is looking gorgeous, the potatoes are peeled, the broccoli is chopped... pretty much everything is ready." It was a big meal for just two, but we'd decided to have our own private Thanksgiving feast this year, rather than deal with the drama from our families. Hers thought I was a pushover, and they hated me for it, and mine... well, we didn't really speak to my family.

Athena scratched me behind the ears in a way that made me sigh with pleasure, and then resumed her slow stroke of my hair, which I had grown out to my shoulders. Her fingers slid through my locks, catching just enough to make me shudder with pleasure, especially when she hit a snag and the slight, pinching pull stung before my tangle parted.

She took a piece of cheese for herself, and then held up a salami roll for me, knowing they were my favorite. I took it gently in my teeth, savoring the salty and the sweet.

"Do we have time to play?" she asked.

In my opinion, we always had time to play, but today, especially. I'd done all the prep work I could possibly do in the kitchen. "We have about two hours before I have to start boiling the potatoes," I said.

"Ooh, lovely." She kissed the top of my head and stood, and I followed behind her as she led me to the bedroom. It was decorated with rich fabrics in beautiful jewel tones of blue and green and cranberry. "Strip, Jeff," she ordered. As she moved to perch on the edge of the bed, I bowed my head in respect and started to unbutton my shirt. It was a ritual almost as old as our relationship and I ached with arousal before my shirt parted beneath my hands. Athena watched me, a small smile tipping up the edges of her lips, and didn't say a word.

I set my clothes on a nearby chair, and stood with my hands behind my back, waiting for instructions. She circled me and I watched her beautiful, bare feet as she moved around me.

"It's Thanksgiving," she said. "What would put you in a thankful mood?"

"The foam bat," I said immediately. My cock rose in arousal, and I stared at it, sneering inside as I imagined what it was about to face. "With... with clothes pins?"

Athena laughed somewhere behind me and stepped around me to show me her hands. She was already holding both. How well she knew me. "Come, darling, I think we'll want the bench for this."

Our second bedroom, which we had to lock when most guests visited, was very different from the first. There was no bed in this one, although my mistress had found a tacky red velvet couch somewhere, and that lined one wall. She'd had a handy friend build a St. Andrew's cross for her, which dominated the opposite wall. Across from the door was a small table, and hooks and racks were spaced around the room to hold tools close to hand.

She led me to a weight lifting bench and helped me into position, my hips just off the edge of the bench, my cock and balls hanging free, and my feet to the side on a pair of matched stools, allowing my hips to tilt upward to give her the best access. It was a familiar position—comforting and arousing all at once—and I settled quickly into the routines of submission, my hands moving up automatically to grasp the bench next to my ears, exposing my body and showing off my willing submission.

Athena sighed in approval and knelt beside me to run her hands over my body, teasing across my nipples and scratching at my taut belly. "Are you sure you want pain today, my love?"

"Yes. Please!" I was prepared to beg, but she kissed my nipple and stood, not requiring it.

"Say it."

My safeword. "Monkeyshines."

It made both of us smile.