Catalyst: Stories of Awakening

They arrived at the club quite early, a bonus as the owner was able to show them all the new changes he had made. After a drink and chat upstairs, Asher decided it was time to head downstairs and set up an area of their own for the night. As he needed a power source for the violet wand, he asked the owner for suggestions.

"We have the cross set up in the back room downstairs... you might want to take advantage of that area as some privacy is offered there."

"That is not a concern of mine. Tonight I wish to show these two beauties off and put them through their paces for all to see." At these words, Kate's knees almost buckled. Jemma was calm and submissive in her stance, eyes lowered, deferring every decision to Sir.

"As you wish," was the only reply the owner gave as he showed them downstairs.

Once they had found their place, Kate asked if Sir would like anything to drink. He pulled out a fifty dollar note and gave her orders to get three drinks, which was something she was not expecting. She had planned to pay for the drinks herself. The club was still quiet, and Kate had a friend who worked behind the bar. They chatted, and she returned after some time with the drinks. Asher, looking very upset, demanded to know what took her so long.

"I have a friend who works the bar here, Sir, and I stopped for a chat. My apologies for the delay." As the words came out of her mouth, she knew she had done the wrong thing. Will punishment be swift or drawn out?

"Place the drinks down, except yours." Asher did not hide the fact that he was displeased, and Kate thought about the comment: "You will do my bidding for the night." She obeyed immediately, holding her drink in her hand, standing in front of him as he sat on the lounge chair with Jemma at his feet on the floor.

"I gave you an order to obtain three drinks, and you should have done that and come straight back. I am not to be left waiting. As you have seen fit to make me wait, I want you to hold that drink and not taste a drop of it. You will now wait, just as you made me wait." He looked at his watch and said, "Twenty minutes should do, and you are not to sit."

Kate stood there with the drink in her hand, the icy coldness of it making her fingers numb. She wished to take a sip and taste the coolness, her throat suddenly hot and dry. She let the time pass as she was determined to show him she could obey. He watched her closely, chatting occasionally with Jemma or a passerby, but not addressing her directly. Kate looked around the room—anything to escape his watchful gaze. It was large and curtained off from the rest of the club with one louvered wall that enabled you to see through into another lounge. That room was set up more as a chill out space with people seated along the walls on benches that ran the perimeter of the room. Music filtered through from the main dance floor but not loudly enough to hinder the quiet conversation. The room they were in had a cross, set away from the wall so that you could walk all the way around it. A dentist chair and a massage table were the other main items in the room. Asher sat on the only lounge chair in the room. The others were all straight-backed chairs that were designed to keep you sitting upright, great for those who wore corsets. His watch beeped.

"You may drink now," was all he said. Kate almost sculled the drink, the iciness of it now gone as her hands had been so hot. The simple act of being denied the drink was just the tip of the iceberg, she knew, but what was to follow, she had no idea. The alcohol in the drink hit her almost as soon as she put the glass down, and she felt a bit dizzy. Asher smiled and stood up. He placed his hands on her hot flushed cheeks and bent down as if to kiss her. Jemma remained on the floor at his feet, eyes downcast. As his lips descended toward hers, he stopped, millimeters away from her mouth.

"You listened well, my little one. Are you ready for your punishment now?"

Kate's mouth dropped open, and she said, "But I thought..." The sentence was never finished.

"Do you not understand, my little one? You have no thoughts tonight, and I tell you what I want you to think. At this club, there is but one person you must focus on, and that is me."

Kate's reply came out on a breath, "Yes, Sir."

"Good. Now go and stand by the cross and take your dress off. Do not move."

"Yes, Sir," was all that Kate could manage to say as she walked over to the cross. Unbuttoning her dress, she threw it on a chair. Slipping the straps of her slip down over her arms, she let it fall to the floor and placed her arms by her sides. With only her stockings and g-string on and with head lowered, she waited. Asher sent Jemma over, and she stood at the cross facing Kate. Asher walked around behind Jemma and placed her hands on the cross where the bars met in the middle, leaning over her body and making it bend, as if to his will.

He raised a purple riding crop and said in a loud voice, "Do you think this little pony girl knows how to count? Let us see."

Kate stood there watching through lowered lids, half-naked and feeling very exposed. Memories of the crop and the party flooded Kate's senses. Jemma's face was serene. Kate wondered what had been said while she stood with her drink in front of them. The music had been loud enough to cover their conversation. She waited for the first sound of the crop, the whoosh as it cut the air.

"As I bring my crop down on that beautiful rear end of yours, I expect you to count in a loud voice", he said to Jemma, more for the benefit of the crowd that was gathering. All the while he was rubbing Jemma's ass cheeks and patting them as if she were a pony. Her eyes closed, hair cascading in curls down her back like a mane. She began tossing it about, her back arching and ass offering itself to him. He stepped back from her and shot Kate a glance as if to say, "Watch and learn!"