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What It's Worth


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Writer Ian Richards is desperate to get his story, and impulsively agrees to meet his contact alone in a private club. But that contact, Vincenzo, has no intention of letting his information go easily, if at all. And the club he's brought Ian to is eager to get their hands on some fresh meat, leaving Ian with the difficult decision of giving in or going home empty handed.

He hated his agent.

Bernadette had found him. At the time, with one book on the shelves and a few articles out in a handful of lesser-known magazines, he'd barely thought about getting an agent. He knew he should, at some point. He knew that it would be useful to have one to handle all the things he was horrible at, but that was all he'd thought about it until Bernadette had called. She'd given him the sales pitch and promised many wonderful things. He'd said no, thinking it was some kind of scam. She'd insisted. He'd hung up. There was a process to that sort of thing, a process that Bernadette ignored because she liked the way he wrote and saw potential. She'd called his parents. Apparently, she knew his uncle. His parents had told him how nice it was that he was working with a family friend, and somewhere in the midst of all of that, she'd become his agent.

He regretted it every day.

5 - Cat at MM Good Book Reviews
"Oh, wow! I absolutely loved this story. This is the first story I have read by Gryvon, but I promise they have a new stalker, oops, I mean fan. This story has me on the edge of my seat, gripping my kindle tightly and when I reached the last page, I was like. No! More, more, more!! If you like, dubious or non-consent, men that harbour a lot of self-doubt, hot mobsters, and some hot and sexy BDSM this is for you."


Like It Or Not


9,800 words
25 pages

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Short Story





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M/M, contemporary, dubious consent