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Everyone knows that guns are dangerous; they have long been a subject surrounded by controversy. Combine them with sex and you have a subject that is virtually taboo, but smoking hot. Our second gun kink anthology continues to push the envelope of combining sex and guns with three more stories hot enough to cause powder burns.

Continuing in the world of The Machinist, Avery Belfour and his captor/lover Lord Harrow now face the threat of The Inquisitor. But Harrow is very possessive of his prize and has no intention of turning Avery over without a fight. Then, a routine black market bust goes wrong for Officer Caleb Baker. He ends up Playing With the Big Boys when the thieves get the drop on him and decide to have some fun with their new catch. And finally, Cole Beauchamp is the greatest pistoleer of all time; he's also thoroughly unpleasant and has a habit of scaring away his assistants. But when he is sought out by a devotee with a love of guns that matches his own, Cole finds a new respect for Benjamin Pepperwhistle and the Fantabulous Circus of Wonders.

Harrow didn't bother knocking as he stormed into Avery's rooms. The door banged against the wall. He slammed it shut behind him, a small thrill of satisfaction running through him as the door was locked from the other side. Avery looked up from his work bench with wide eyes. Good. He was becoming surprisingly adept at reading Harrow's moods, not that the slamming door wasn't a huge giveaway.

"Why the hell is there an Inquisitor looking for you?"

Avery's face turned white, all the color draining out of him in an instant. He stuttered something unintelligible, his words falling over each other in his haste to get them out. Harrow crossed into the workshop in two quick steps. One more step brought him up close to Avery. He grabbed Avery by the neck and lifted him from his stool. It clattered to the side as Avery's feet flailed as he dangled in Harrow's grip. Harrow slapped Avery back against the workbench, making the entire thing rattle. Something rolled off the table and shattered on the floor, but he couldn't bring himself to care.

He waited five seconds before relaxing his hold. Avery gasped for breath, his face red. He looked up at Harrow with a pleading expression that made Harrow's insides twist, playing off of something deep and dangerous inside of him. Avery was the first person he'd met who could incite both lust and bloodlust in Harrow at the same time. If Harrow were truly honest with himself, his desire to keep Avery wasn't entirely due to Avery's skill as a machinist.

Avery's first few attempts at speech ended in harsh coughs. "I don't-"

Harrow slammed his fist on the table, making it rattle. Another object fell and shattered. "Don't lie to me."

Avery shivered. There was fear on his face, but at the same time, his body pressed closer to Harrow's.

There was more than one way to perform an interrogation. With Avery, pain was only half of the game. Harrow shifted forward, trapping Avery between the workbench and Harrow's body. Avery gasped. His legs shifted wider apart, subconsciously making room for Harrow. It was strangely endearing how well he had Avery trained.

Harrow smirked and leaned forward. His hand was still around Avery's throat. He could feel Avery's pulse fluttering against his skin like a nervous butterfly. His smile widened where Avery couldn't see it. His breath moved the hair behind Avery's ear. "You're such a slut."

-- from "The Inquisitor" by Gryvon

3.5 - Leslie S at JesseWave
"As usual for anthologies, this one presents a mixed bag. Cornelia Grey’s story is the stand-out, while Gryvon continues to build on her potential. While Scarlet Blackwell’s erotica does the job, it sits oddly between two stories that are more focused on action and romance. Nevertheless, a decent collection."

3.5 - Lisa at The Novel Approach
"There’ve been so many times I’ve read a book and thought that it was probably the right book but, for whatever reason, the timing was wrong for me, and looking back at my original review of 2012’s Weight of a Gun, I’m thinking that it may have happened to me with one of the stories in the original anthology because I possibly rated it a little lower than it deserved, which makes me want to go back and read it again. Why? Because I thought its sequel was really kinda awesome."

3.5 - Faye and Whitney at Live Your Life, Buy The Book
"The Inquisitor: I am so happy I got more from these guys! This is a continuation of the “The Machinist” in the first book of this Anthology. There has to be more coming with the way this one ended damn it! I’m loving the guys together. Playing With The Big Boys: If you are a fan of rape fantasy this was actually quite well written, even rather sexy. If you’re a fan of rape fantasy please just stop reading this review now, you’ll most likely enjoy the story, go forth, buy and enjoy. Benjamin Pepperwhistle: First off let me just say that is the best freaking title. Seriously brilliant. I’d read the blurb just for that alone. Second, the mention of the circus just had me. I thought the imagery was brilliant. I could see everything clearly without getting bogged down in details. **Note: rating applies to the anthology as a whole."

3.5 - Alex at Between The Covers
"This has some good stories, and for those more into gun kink, this will definitely be something to pick up. They are all well written and enjoyable, although some of the stories were lacking, which turned what could have been a fantastic anthology into an average one. Though the cover makes up for that a little. Another gorgeous one."


Weight of a Gun


36,000 words

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978-1-937058-86-9 (print)
978-1-937058-83-8 (ebook)

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Nathie Block


M/M, fetish, dark themes, dubious consent, gun kink


Cornelia Grey
Scarlet Blackwell