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Under the Bridge

Geoffrey Knight

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Ten years ago, a lone killer murdered Dylan Sanders' best friend and lover, Kayne Kellerman. It was the third in a series of murders that had taken place across the country, each with the same setting:

A foggy night.

A remote bridge.

A victim unaware of the danger lurking beneath the rickety boards.

Ten years ago the killer known as the Troll was caught and convicted. But tonight he walks free.

Tonight, Dylan Sanders, the only survivor of the Troll's attacks, will return to the scene of the crime. To confront his demons. To put his nightmares behind him. To wash away the memory of that terrible night once and for all.

"Are you sure you wanna do this? You don't have to do this."

Dylan looked out the passenger window of the police car driven by his lover of ten years, the town's Chief of Police, and in that precise moment—as he stared into the passing night, seeing nothing but the mist-choked darkness—he changed his mind.

No, he wasn't sure at all.

For fuck's sake, he was terrified.

He was sick with fear.

Sick with fear and the memories that had haunted him for a decade.



Which was exactly why he was here.

4 - Tam at Brief Encounters
"I will first put a notice, that this falls more into the category of gay literature and not romance, as there is no traditional HEA.... I was entirely caught up in Dylan's story and his stress and the trauma from not only the original attack, but how everyone behaved toward him.... If you are looking for something rather creepy and suspenseful and don't mind that it's not a traditional romance, I would recommend this."


7,400 words
32 pages

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Short Story





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M/M, mystery, contemporary, romance, dark themes