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Trust Me

Elizabeth Hyder

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One year into his studies at Moravec Academy, Koit has earned himself a reputation for womanizing. As half Shterpi, a reptilian alien sporting scales and other, more intimate assets, it has never been difficult to find a female cadet to keep him company for a night. When his friend, Sera, signs him up at a hook-up website frequented primarily by men seeking other men, he threatens to delete the profile. But then, the messages start pouring in, and he finds himself playing a whole new kind of field.

Message after message, hook-up after hook-up, Koit is less than impressed by the casual, shallow exchanges. But perhaps all it takes is the right guy with the perfect balance of looks and charm—not to mention an oral fixation—to show Koit that variety really is the spice of life.

"Why is there an e-mail from in my inbox?" Koit asked, only raising his voice slightly because he really didn't want anyone but Sera to hear about this. He was fairly sure it was her fault, and as soon as she undid it, things would be great.

"Because I thought it would help you lighten up some." She smiled sunnily, like some sort of angel which she absolutely was not.

"What the hell, Sera? This is just—" Koit's eyes skimmed over the message, and part of it caught his eye: Don't let yourself be hampered by standards; strive to suck any cock, every cock! And his username was monstercock37, for fuck's sake. The guys were... just... fucking crazy. Why would anyone want to suck a cock just because it was a cock? This made no sense, and yet Koit could feel heat pooling in his belly at the idea of his lips wrapped around—no. No.

"There are girls on the site, too," she said, like it was any sort of comfort, except it kind of was. She knew him too well.

"Not many." He was actually looking now, like some sort of freak. Most of the pictures were guys, but there were some girls, too, every so often and—oh. He was fairly sure he recognized that mouth. He'd had sex with her last week and she had taken interest chiefly in sucking him off. When he looked up from his screen, Sera's smirk was firmly in place.

"Payback's hell," he said. It was the only thing he could think of.

5 - Elisa Rolle
"Sexuality and sex is pretty natural in this futuristic world, and Koit has not so many trouble in finding men willing to let him satisfy his curiosity. I liked the feeling of this story, it was 'modern' (as in futuristic) without being too 'strange', and in the end, even if half-alien and living in a spaceship, these guys and girls were basically like any other college boy or girl living far from their family for the first time. (Note: The rating given applies to the anthology as a whole.)"

4.5 - Zee at Fire Pages
"Koit's journey through the same sex dating scene is filled with humor because of Koit. ... I like that Hyder showed Koit stumbling through the social scene. It would have been to have Koit win over men without even trying. ... I enjoyed reading this title. I think it is always interesting to see what happens when the tables are turned. (Note: The rating given applies to the anthology as a whole.)"

4 - Jenre at Well Read
"I really, really liked Koit. His journey of sexual exploration was well written and very believable, and I particularly liked that he's lacking in social graces but is still baffled when some of the men react badly to him. There's a light humour to the writing which worked well with the theme. (Note: The rating given applies to the anthology as a whole.)"

4 - Cole at The Armchair Reader
"I definitely enjoyed this one. The story was only loosely based on the scifi elements and mostly on the characterizations of Koit, Sera, and Atlas. I enjoy a fantasy/pnr/scifi that drops you in the middle and lets you figure out the world for yourself."


Wild Passions


14,100 words
26 pages

Release Date

Book Type

Short Story





Cover Art

Nathie Block


M/M, science fiction