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Thicker Than Blood

Avery Vanderlyle

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When the Nanotech Plague began killing off the large population of America using the tiny, implanted robots, the so-called "normals" took it upon themselves to wipe out the rest to prevent the spread. Now, fourteen years later, performer Ayana is in a dangerous position. Her nanotechnology implants are impossible to hide, having been tattooed onto her skin. Worse, the nanobots in her brother James are malfunctioning and slowly killing him. The pair of them, along with Ayana's lover Yan, are slowly making their way across the fractured country, hoping to find a sanctuary and a cure.

David was only five when his parents died in the Plague. It wasn't until he was grown that he realized that he'd been born with his own 'bots, passed down from mother to child. Now, his second generation nanobots may be James' salvation, if only Ayana and Yan can convince him that the nanobots aren't a curse or a disease, but the key to rebuilding their ruined society.

David sipped his bitter home-brewed ale and watched the bravest woman in the world dance. Ayana's tattoos glowed yellow in the dimness, tribal shapes and animals prowling on the canvas of her chestnut skin. Behind her, her partner Yan mixed the music, melding beats and chimes and whispers. With a shimmy, Ayana set the wolf from her bicep spiraling across the stage. Growing, shifting, projected larger than life, it charged at the audience. Shadows flickered on the back wall. The beast's eyes glowed red, and the music rose to a howl. Its jaws snapped.

A girl in the front shrieked and scrambled back. A cluster of men jumped, and then laughed at their own surprise, cursing and playfully shoving at each other. Everyone knew it was just a hologram, but even the purely aesthetic implementations of NanT made people nervous. Many people with the aesthetics had died in the Crash, and of those that survived, many more had been murdered by the mobs who believed that anyone who implanted nanotechnology in their bodies wasn't truly human anymore.

Fourteen years later, putting on a show with NanT still risked a mob, even in Providence. But the Firehouse had a reputation for the avant-garde, and the sturdy building was easily defensible. It had served as an emergency shelter for months after the Crash, only slowly returning to use as a nightlife venue. The converted fire station's large open floor was perfect for shows and dance parties. The huge steel garage doors were open to the summer breeze, but David's brother Rich and their cousin Chip stood on the threshold with an eye out for trouble.

4.5 - Doug at Top 2 Bottom Reviews
"As a fan of science fiction, I found the device of nanobots... unique and original. At the same time, there were so many parallels to diseases and issues in the world today, that this book was enjoyable for me on two levels: as a great story and as a social commentary.... For lovers of science fiction, Thicker Than Blood is a recommended read, reminiscent of movies such as The Matrix and AI."

0 - Laura at The Lesbrary
"What actually happens in this story is ridiculous. You think it's going to be mediocre erotica, and then at the end... Well, it's one of those things where it's so bad, it comes back around again and is brilliant. And hilarious. On this basis (and this basis alone), I recommend it."


10,800 words

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Short Story





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Dare Empire eMedia


M/M, M/F/F, bisexual, science fiction, post-apocalyptic