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The Keeper

K. Piet
S.L. Armstrong

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Generation after generation, an unattached male is plucked from the same family line and sent to the home of the man they only know as Dhakir. It is a duty all men in the line are brought up knowing, but none can know which male will be called or when.

Twenty-six-year-old Hadi Rahal is plucked from his fast-paced life among the brilliant lights and shallow vanity of Milan's fashion world when he is told his uncle has passed on and he is the next Keeper. Knowing only vague legend, Hadi travels to Sétif, Algeria where his heritage waits in the form of an ancient name and sorrowful eyes he cannot turn from, even as he prays to God for the fortitude to resist.

Storm Moon Press is proud to present a limited print run for The Keeper of 500. Each will be signed and hand numbered by the authors.

The room was dim, as most rooms in the estate were. Shutters were drawn against the harsh heat of the day, and inside, the shadows lent much needed respite. Soft footsteps crossed the hard-packed floor, and the black-eyed man sat on the side of the simple bed tucked into the corner of the room. He smiled as he reached out and brushed back dark hair from a sweaty brow.

"It's all right, Asif," he murmured. "You have fulfilled your duty, and I release you into the arms of the Savior."

Asif gazed up at the man who had been his responsibility for the last thirty years of his life. A life he had devoted to the duty of his line. "He awaits," he choked out, his vision darkening.

The man smiled, the expression tender, almost loving. "He always waits."

An hour later, the man stood before a semi-opened shutter, the heat wafting into the sickroom. Asif was gone. Forty years, and he was alone once more. He sighed, shaking his head. Asif's brother had died two years before, but he knew there was a child from Iyas' second marriage, and that lone child's wife had just given birth to twin sons.

Which meant the first son could now be called upon.

5 - Coffee Time Romance
"Ms. Armstrong and Ms. Piet made every touch, every sigh, and every moan come alive with their words. The powerful emotions that Hadi and Dhakir have for each other and the way they try to contain themselves bring out the poignancy of this tale. You cannot help but ache when they ache, suffer when they suffer, and feel joy when they feel joy. The Keeper is beautifully written. You will fall in love not only with these characters but with this tale itself."

4.5 - TJ at JesseWave Reviews
"The relationship between the two men is a slooooow burning ember that flickers to life suddenly when you least expect it, even as they both fight it.... The guys are both interesting and well drawn and the path of their relationship seemed realistic, no insta-love, not even insta-lust. The exploration and reinterpretation of religious themes, and the examination of biblical inhabitants was fascinating to me, and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this book."

4.5 - Fire Pages
"I really enjoyed this novel. I identified so much with Hadi. We oftentimes shared the same thoughts and emotions in the novel. Hadi is a thoroughly developed character, and his presence made the story come alive. The Keeper is a slow burning tale that sizzles!"

4.5 -
"Have you ever closed a book knowing that you need to re-read it right away? That's what happened with me.... This is without a doubt one of the more unique and thought-provoking stories that I have read.... [W]hile this is by nature a fantasy, the authors make it feel almost plausible as they bring the characters to life.... I found it to be well-written, very interesting, and deeply touching as well."

3 - Don at Hearts on Fire Reviews
"This story was good but it really did not ring any bells and whistles for me. The religious overtones did not bother me but I can see some bible fans having an aneurysm. I thought that the bloodline of Jesus’ brother being the ones to service Judas was a nice twist. The story flowed well and the writing was good. Read this short novella with an open mind and you’ll find that it was worth your time."

3 - Sally at Bibrary Bookslut
"[A]n intelligent story with a slow-burning romance.... Personally, I picked this one up specifically for the heretical twist, but was quite delighted to find it a strong enough read to keep me interested once the shock value wore off."

3 - The Fleam
"[T]he novel aspects [of the plot] are a convincing back story for the 'vampire' and his feeding representing a real imposition on the donor. The angst, reversals and obstacles to the relationship make sense for both characters.... The Keeper puts enough of a twist on the familiar vampire/mortal romance story to make it interesting without undermining the cozy trajectory of the trope."

3 - Kassa
"The Keeper is a very different and unique take on immortality with heavy religious themes. The writing is solid and the story itself is rather interesting, engaging the readers' attention, although the serious religious elements may not be to all tastes.... The build of tension and sensuality is nice and combined with the themes of the story, offers something entirely new and refreshing."

0 - Lena at QMO Books
"This story is unique in its presentation and its characters and invites a lot of contemplation about what ifs. For those of you who are firm in your faith and feel uncomfortable about it being questioned, I don't believe that you would like this story. But, for those of you who are able to look beyond traditional religious beliefs and give alternative ideas a chance, you may appreciate the concept. I'd recommend this book to anyone who wants a different kind of story which invites speculation, The Keeper may be one you will appreciate."


35,000 words
91 pages

Release Date

August 09, 2010

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978-1-937058-23-4 (print)
978-0-9827008-0-8 (ebook)

Cover Art

Nathie Block


M/M, vampire, religious themes, paranormal, age difference