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The Gentlemen's Parlor

Geoffrey Knight

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Dr. Darius inhaled on his cigar and a pillow of smoke drifted from his lips. "This place, the Parlor, it's about more than just money. The Parlor is somewhat... unique. The vast majority of people in the outside world—those beyond the walls of this mansion—would be offended and outraged by what goes on here. But those within these walls, they come to feel alive. They come to be loved, to feel that they belong to something... or someone. They come to find themselves. They come to heal... or be healed. In the Gentlemen's Parlor, nothing and nobody is judged."

Gather your secrets, slip on your mask, leave your inhibitions at the door...

He arched his back and the skin stretched tight across his stomach, clearly distinguishing the shape and contour of every abdominal muscle.

His legs were spread wide.

His balls were firm and full, propped between the muscles of his inner thighs.

His cock was long and hard, young and beautiful, a perfectly straight rod spanning all the way from his balls to his navel, pulsing and pounding against his lower abs, drumming its ache-filled desire against his stomach with soft slaps.




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15,500 words
54 pages

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Short Story





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M/M, BDSM, Friends to Lovers