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Surviving Elite High

John H. Ames

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John Henry Ames is a sixteen-year-old boy from a small New Jersey town. John is humble, shy, and studious. He lives as an outcast in the shadows of an elite high school where he is tormented by two psychopathic bullies.

On the verge of dropping out of school due to overdue payments, a teacher enrolls him in a tutoring program where he meets the school's star quarterback and hero, Nick Anthony Hawking. Since he was doing poorly in several subjects, Nick needs John's help to pass and graduate high school. As John becomes closer to the jock, he develops a strong affection towards him even though Nick has a strong reputation of sleeping around with a lot of women. Nick becomes his friend and protector in school. Their sincere friendship helps to bring out the best in each of them, even as several tragedies, like a school shooting, threaten to change their young lives forever.

My knees shook. I don't really know why I was so nervous that morning. I had walked down these same corridors before, but this was my first time here as a junior. I stood looking down the main hallway as the world slowly passed me by, and feeling as if I was completely invisible to everyone. I hugged myself for comfort, then took my first step and froze again. With my heart pounding hard against my chest, a stupid knot developed inside my stomach. I hated the feeling of uncertainty and distress brought upon me by them. I glanced around, trying my best to spot Madison or Kitty, but I was completely alone among all the commotion happening around me. I lowered my head and continued with my excruciating journey toward class. Out of nowhere, two shadows blocked my way. I looked up and came face to face with my two tormentors, the reasons for my anxiety: Jacob Ashmore and Matthew Ward, better known as the basketball jocks.

"Hello, little guy," Jacob drawled, leering down at me. He stood six inches taller than me and was strong as a bull. "Did you miss me?"

I stumbled backward, trying to put distance between us.

"Where are you going, bitch?" Matthew barked, grabbing me by the collar of my shirt. He pulled me in and lifted me into the air, making my feet swing from side to side. "Talk to me, old friend."

"I... I was "

"Shut the fuck up, fag!"

"Let's give him the welcoming," Jacob suggested with a grin.

4 - Crissy at Joyfully Jay
"Surviving Elite High is the story of a young gay boy fighting for love and to find his place in the world. It’s a good story told from the point of view of a lovesick teenager. It is very melodramatic and fantastical as are most kids John’s age. The story itself is full of sweet moments. The writing itself felt very young. It read like a high school student writing an essay or a story that he fantasized about. In the end, there were more pros than cons in this book. The beauty of this story is the coming of age and finding one’s self that John and Nick experience."

3 - Lynn at World of Diversity Fiction
"I was really looking forward to reading this book. I love a good coming of age story. There are several over the top melodramas throughout this story. With easy passing one, I felt let down. The plot became so much more than need be. I think if the plot was slowed down and readers could see the growth from the characters, it would have been an amazing read. I give Surviving Elite High, 3 stars. I saw great potential with this book, but it left me disappointed. "


Surviving Elite High


53,000 words
120 pages

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M/M, young adult, high school