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Southern Exposure

Avery Vanderlyle

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Ray's been too busy renovating her mother's house to think about dating. But when she decides to install solar panels, she meets Chris, who shares her love of Janis Joplin and is eager to show her the benefits of a southern exposure.

Ray shoved her keys into her pocket and gave the kitchen a quick assessment. Work had gone late, and she'd barely made it home in time. She didn't really care if the place was messy, but she'd learned during the renovation process that certain types of contractors would remark on it. Maybe they were just trying to draw her into conversation, but the last thing she wanted was to appear too friendly. She was still getting used to being single after her divorce.

After moving out of her ex's condo, Ray needed a place to stay, and her mother was happy to downsize and leave behind the landlord responsibilities for her two-family house. The building had been neglected over the years, and Ray dove into renovations right away. They'd keep her busy.

At one of the home improvement fairs, she'd talked to a man named Pat with a solar power company called Southern Exposure. Their flier was on the counter—a silhouette of a man and woman at the beach, drinks lifted in a toast to the sun. The tagline read "Solar power anywhere—for any budget." Ray was skeptical, but a free assessment couldn't hurt.

The side doorbell rang, and she picked up a notebook and opened the door. The woman standing there had red hair cut short around her face and a sprinkle of freckles on her nose and cheeks. Her eyes were brown and intense, and she was smiling slightly. She was wearing the same logo-embroidered yellow shirt and black pants Pat had been, but the hue washed out her paler skin.

"That's not a good color for you," Ray blurted. Her cheeks heated, and she ducked her head to look at her notes. "Sorry. Sorry. So you're, um, Chris?"

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Earth Day Celebration


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