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Any hunter will tell you part of the satisfaction is in the chase as well as the triumphant capture of their prey. In Snatched, the focus is on the eroticism of the power play between men and their male captors. Sometimes romance ensues, sometimes just a good amount of steamy sex, but in all cases, the effects of one character being in utter control of the man he has captured takes center stage. The appeal is in the erotic dominance and the way the captive would try to escape if he could, whether he truly wants to deep down or not.

Thomas is determined not to let the fights with his boyfriend, John, ruin his vacation in the tropical rain forests of Equador. But when he steps off the trail, he steps into danger as he is taken captive by guerrilla freedom fighters. Held against his will, he nonetheless finds himself developing an attraction to the man who both arouses and repels him. And as his captivity weighs on him, Thomas finds that being The Guerrilla's Plaything is not the worst fate he can envision...

Bryce's life changes forever the night that he and his boyfriend are brutally attacked by creatures that seem like they can only be demonic. He's sure, when they carry him off, that he's being packed off for lunch, so it's a shock when he finds that one of his captors is not the horror that he expected. As their attraction grows, it could be The Two of Us against the world.

As a member of the lesser nobility, Micah has never truly been able to Feel the Wind of freedom, and he and his family are not exempt from the brutality of the highest of the nobles. When he is imprisoned, hunted for sport, and captured by Ari, one of the realm's Princes, he feels that his life is over. But when an escape attempt leads him to the bed of Dhea, Ari's brother, he finds that there is much more to live for... and at the same time, so much more danger than he knows.

I was standing in front of one of those massive buttress-rooted trees common in Amazonia, focused on a two inch long horned beetle in the moss at my feet. I was taking a piss when I felt it. Something small, cool, and hard was pressing between my shoulder blades through the damp T-shirt. A man's voice accompanied the touch, speaking words I recognized as Spanish but did not understand, having brushed up only on essential phrases when preparing for my trip.

"I'm sorry, I don't speak much Spanish," I said without turning, cock still in hand. "Habla Ingles?" My polite response was automatic; my brain hadn't caught up with the situation. Perhaps I imagined that if I didn't turn and look, then this couldn't really be happening.

"Si, I speak a little English. I said 'don't move or I'll shoot you'." The man's accent was the rolling Hispanic lilt of the area, but he spoke my language without any trouble.

"Okay, I'm not moving," I jabbered.

I was acutely aware of my dick still protruding from the zipper of my cargo pants. There was a man behind me, pressing into my flesh what I had to assume was a gun, and I had no idea what he wanted. We were in Ecuador, for crying out loud. One of the safest places in South America. It was supposed to be nothing like the mugging and murder hotspots of Mexico's Ciudad Juarez or the People's Army's abduction zone in Colombia. Ecuador was a haven for eco travelers like me. My group—eight tourists, the rep of the travel company, and the local guide—were just ahead on the trail. We had been looking for somewhere to stop for a snack on our way to an afternoon canoeing on a lagoon, and I thought it a good idea to take a leak before we settle down to eat.

Instead, I was standing there with my arms flapping at my sides, and I wasn't sure how I even ended up in this position. I'd reacted the way you'd expect in some movie hold-up when a bad guy sneaks up behind someone and shouts "hands up!" But I feared the gun was no prop, and I knew I was no action hero. I was shaking, in fact. The sweat remaining on my skin after the walk through steaming vegetation had gone cold despite the ninety-degree heat. I gulped and found my voice, but it came out as a croaked whisper, "Who are you? What do you want?"

"My name is Alvaro Ramirez, of the Socialist Movement for the Liberation of Ecuador. And I want to know who you are, and what you are doing here. But first, I want to take you somewhere we can question you in safety. Place your hands behind your back."

It felt like the contents of my innards had liquefied. The muscles in my arms froze in place. "Wh—what?"

"I said, 'place your hands behind your back.' And if I have to repeat myself again, I may just shoot you instead. I cannot let you go now that I have told you my name. You will no doubt prove to be a worthless tourist, but we would like to make sure you have no other purpose here. Now do what I say."

I considered trying to fight him. Grab the gun and run. We've all seen it in those action movies. James Bond. Jason Bourne. Bruce Willis. You swing round so fast you knock the gun aside before he can pull the trigger. Then, you punch him in the face and snatch the weapon at the same time.

They make it look so easy in the movies, but I was no stuntman. I was an architecture grad from Birmingham, England.

I moved my shaking arms down and behind my back.

The man was holding the point of that gun perfectly steady in the middle of my back as he closed cold metal around my left wrist. My gaze followed the beetle's slow creep up the tree trunk. It had green spots on its back. Somewhere at the back of my mind, a part of my brain that was still functioning properly murmured, "This is your last chance. Last chance to make a break for it before he has you cuffed and helpless."

-- from "The Guerrilla's Plaything" by Tilly Hunter

4 - Kristy at 3 Chicks After Dark
"Anthologies are always fun to read because the theme is common but the stories are so diverse. In the Snatched Anthology there are three short stories all revolving around captivity. With captivity comes some dark themes but I was amazed at the vast realm of differences between the three stories."

4 - Michelle at Decadent Delights
"The story flows nicely and is well written. It keeps you on edge and has a solid plot. ... I enjoyed this very much. It’s a hot dub-con story. The sex sizzles. ... I enjoyed the story. I’m not even sure it would fall under dub-con because Thomas did consent. What do I mean? Read the book, lol. ;)"


44,500 words

Release Date

February 14, 2014

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Cover Art

Lou Harper


M/M, BDSM, dark themes, dubious consent, slavery


Ann Anderson
Lor Rose
Tilly Hunter