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Kathleen Tudor

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Phaedra is a siren, born of the sea and destined to be the doom of any man who strays too near... but when she finds a sailor washed up on her rocky shore, a woman's eyes stare back into hers, and Phaedra's life—and her heart—are changed forever. She must choose: lose her lover, who cannot bear to watch other ships dashed against the cliffs, or lose her sisters and the magic that has been her entire existence.

The first thing she knew was hunger.

Alone in the dark, she opened her eyes to see nothing and stretched to find the smooth, gentle curves that trapped her, hard as bone. She was warm, and she had been nourished, but whatever had nourished her was gone. She was hungry.

Her first sound was a sigh of discontent. Though it was born of discomfort and unhappiness, the sound delighted her, and she crooned softly, finding that she liked these sounds even better. Soon she was singing, full-throated and wordless, the sounds echoing back at her in the close confines of her little trap, filling the space and rocking her on a wave of sound.

But she was hungry, and eventually the singing was not enough to content her anymore. This made her angry. She liked being cradled within the hard curves of the walls that surrounded her. She liked casting her voice out to echo back in ever-increasing breakers. How dare this pitiable need invade her safe space and cause her those small, cramping pains, distracting and frustrating.

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5,700 words
17 pages

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Short Story





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ThinkSentient Ltd


F/F, fantasy