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K. Piet
S.L. Armstrong

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Nineteen-year-old Aric Reynolds has spent most of his life in boarding schools, summer camps, or on tour as a prodigy with the piano. His wealthy parents have never had time for him, and after a failed year at college, they have decided on a final course of action. Aric is brought to Nikola Jovanović's beautiful, sprawling manor in Serbia.

Nikola is known the world around as a master in music, unsurpassed by any, but terribly reclusive. For one year, Aric is to be his student, but in the modern day, it is easy for Aric to learn Nikola's secrets. With a dark shadow lurking from Nikola's past and Aric's stubborn, promiscuous nature, the sexual tension between the pair simply explodes, and Aric's very mortal life is held in the balance.

Nikola Jovanović paced the outer balcony of his room, his cloak flapping in the chilled wind that smelled of rain. Below, his servants worked to prepare a meal he would not eat, clean a manor he rarely explored, and welcome guests he would rather not have in his home. He leaned against the railing and looked out over the city, glowering as the wind whipped his hair about his face. The only reason he had allowed the gathering was in order to be closer to one man.

One man that had become his obsession – a foreigner with eyes like oak-kissed amber and hair the color of molasses.

He'd been petitioned by the young man's father to school him in ancient histories and music. A young man he'd been watching for years now, though neither the parents or the child knew of that interest. He had spent the last three years arranging this particular event, and he was not going to waste a single moment of the year he had carefully arranged for.

It was for that young man that he now opened his doors, welcomed into his private sanctuary those whose blood made his mouth water and his heart pound. One gathering, he kept telling himself, to meet the head of the village, the young man and his parents, and a handful of other socially elevated men and women. And then...

Then, he would be alone with the hazel-eyed man whose name rolled off his tongue like fire.

"Aric." Nikola's scowl lightened as thunder ripped the peace of the night. He heard the sound of car doors, of hushed voices, and he turned from the balcony just as the sky fell. "Welcome, Aric."

5 - eBook Addict Reviews
"I found this book to be a fascinating amalgam of history, character development, romance and just plain human interest; and I was somewhat surprised, although pleasantly so, to find myself eager to just sit and absorb as I read."

4.5 - Fire Pages
"There were a few surprises in this story, especially about Nikola, and although I did not like him at first, I came around and hoped that Aric and Nikola found love in each other. S.L. Armstrong and K. Piet delivered on all fronts. Rachmaninoff is an addicting story and I couldn’t stop turning the pages."

4 - Vanessa at V.C. Erotica
"Rachmaninoff has its flaws, but it didn't necessarily take away from my enjoyment of this piece. Aric and Nikola's relationship, with its highs and lows, was one that I truly cared about, hoping that at the end their love would reign supreme. The sense of time and place was so well-drawn that I felt like I was actually in the scene, especially in a section of the novel where Nikola and Aric go on extensive travels throughout Europe and other places. Nikola and Aric's dynamic was realistic as was their fears, hopes, dreams, and aspirations for each other and their relationship when it takes a more serious and darker (but still romantic and beautiful) turn. Rachmaninoff shines in most areas, and it is because of that why I truly enjoyed what I read and still look forward to reading more from this talented writing duo. "

4 - I Love Books
"This story is well-written although at times it did drag a bit. The characters are interesting and their developing relationship kept me engaged. I've been a fan of vampire books for many years and was impressed with the way the authors presented them here especially that the "turning" or "becoming" a vampire wasn't glamorized or sanitized. It read like I've always felt it would be, scary and painful. Nikola isn't perfect, in fact they both make mistakes throughout the story but that just added to the overall feel of the book. I really enjoyed the good, bad, beautiful and ugly sides of love in a vampire relationship. They both love and hurt each other deeply but in the end realize that to make it through eternity all they really need is each other."

4 - Elisa Rolle
"The story moves along the usual path of the vampire novels, with even the European grand tour (all by night) that often you see in these vampire novels or movies. I think the main difference is actually Nikola... he has plenty of questions on his life and desire, he is unsure, often scared of his own feelings.... [A]ll in all, I found Aric stronger than Nikola, in his loneliness, in his anger and in the end, in his love."

3.5 - Cryselle's Bookshelf
"This writing team has done several things very well -- the emotional arcs for both Aric and Nikola are beautifully drawn, aside from the incident of easy forgiveness, and the incorporation of the music into the initial arc was well done, though possibly its more accessible for someone with a little musical training. The sense of place was vivid, especially during a section where the pair traveled extensively."


84,000 words
253 pages

Release Date

December 01, 2010

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978-0-9827008-3-9 (print)
978-0-9827008-4-6 (ebook)

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Nathie Block


M/M, vampire, violence, age difference, paranormal, coming of age