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Queer Fear


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It's long been known that fear and arousal create the same type of response inside the human body. Putting them together, then, is a recipe for a scorchingly hot time. Queer Fear does just that by exploring the world of erotic horror. It's the ultimate marriage of lust and terror, the perfect blend of dark horror elements with sensuality and erotic content. This isn't some safe and sparkly paranormal romance; this is the place where angels fear to tread, and so would you, if you had any sense. Turn back before it's too late!

We begin with Reading Arteries, where a new designer drug engineered to force feelings of lust in those who take it. When the men hired to steal the formula decide to try it out, they end up addicted to love. Then, in The Possession of Lawrence Eugene Davis, following the death of his father, Lawrence has returned to his family's ranch, but is quickly set upon by a demonic presence. Hope for release comes with the conveniently-appearing Elijah, but the deal he offers may be just as unholy as the demon itself. Next, The Dark Revelation brings us Derek, constantly at war with his darker half, a demon who uses Derek's body to rape and kill. And though Derek tries to isolate himself from people, nowhere is truly empty, and Derek's demon hungers again. The Pain Cycle follows Luke, despondent over the disappearance of his lover six months ago. When he witnesses a friend dragged into a tunnel by a hideous creature, he gives chase, only to learn the chilling truth about his lover—and who knows how many others. Finally, in Matthew Powers Lives!, a porn shoot in a former mental hospital is plagued by strange equipment failures, leading the crew to believe the site is haunted. For Matthew, those fears are confirmed when a restless spirit confronts him personally, and he's a hottie!

Chelsea stepped around the rats, unconcerned. These critters were clean. Someone had to scrub their cages every day, and that was usually her since she had tiny hands. She wouldn't miss that part of the job. Fletcher opened the door and let out all but two fat, pink rats clinging to one another.

Too stupid to save themselves, Chelsea thought.

The place looked like it had been broken into by people who wanted to save the 'fuzzy wuzzy animals'. The ruse would throw everyone off her scent until Monday, when it would dawn on Brenda that Chelsea, her wide-eyed intern, had disappeared at the time of the fire.

Before they left, she poured out the gasoline onto the computers, the old filing cabinet, and Brenda's desk. Chelsea lit a match, the most deep-down satisfying sound she knew. She felt cleansed, climbing into the pickup afterward, giddy from fumes. She listened to the smoke alarm while they pulled away and watched another window develop a sunny orange glow.

Fletcher drove in the darkness. The only sound was the low hum of the engine, and that quiet felt wrong to Chelsea. Fletch was never the best of conversationalists, but how could he be silent now? Couldn't he see that they won?

"We need a bigger cut." She fiddled with the radio. "This stuff has to be worth a lot more than he said. The first targeted aphrodisiac? Targeted. That can be our slogan. Put a fucking cupid on the logo. They're all gonna pay through the nose to get with whoever they want." She drummed on the dashboard. "Come on! Tell me that doesn't blow your mind. Whatever, I'm buying an island."

Chelsea found a country station and kept searching while the truck pulled into a carpet store's parking lot. It was well-past closed. Fletcher turned off the engine, but kept his eyes forward.

"With the intern cover, you took a lot of notes, right?"

He speaks! Chelsea smiled. "Boss said I should. More you know, the more prepared you are. Made a backup, even. I am prepared up the wazoo." Why were they sitting here?

Fletcher said "You should keep it on you, just in case."

"Inside pocket." She grinned.

Fletcher finally looked at her face, though not in the eyes. "He can't have any connection to the lab, not through anyone."

She understood what Fletcher meant and hated herself for not smelling danger sooner. The child locks kept her in. Pushing him back with all her strength, she wondered if Fletcher saw the irony of using safety as a weapon. He shoved a bag over her head, and eventually, she stopped wondering anything at all.

Roman joggers found a petite Jane Doe in the Tiber by Santa Maria in Cosmedin. Her pockets were empty. She had no identification, and no one claimed her at the morgue, but that was not what made the headlines. The dozen antique arrows in her chest did that.

That Monday, a new drug hit the black market.

-- from "Reading Arteries" by Erin Sneath

4.5 - Gabbi at Top 2 Bottom Reviews
"Anthologies can be a tricky read. I’ve read several of them where there might be a story or two that didn’t keep my interest. I can honestly say that Queer Fear definitely delivered! Between the mystery, scary moments and steamy sex, this is Queer Fear is an anthology not to be missed!"

4 - Jenre at Well Read
"This anthology did well to balance the horrific and macabre with some romance. There was plenty there for fans of gore, but the erotic romance twist was satisfying too. ...I enjoyed nearly all the stories. If you're a fan of romantic horror then this will be an great book to pick up, just don't expect all the stories to end well. Grade: Very Good."

3.5 - Monika at World of Diversity Fiction
"It’s creepy, spooky and an all-around good read but it ended way too abruptly. I did enjoy reading this though. I liked this story, the characters were interesting and I especially liked the combination of evil vs good with it ending the way it should. It is a violent story but I don’t think you could write it any other way. This one is definitely a horror story! I liked this story, its creepy, spooky and strange things happen, I found myself really liking Matt and wishing there was more to the story, it read like a true suspense/horror novel. Overall the Anthology is a good on and I would recommend it to anyone that reads horror."


Queer Fear


48,000 words

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Lou Harper


M/M, dark themes, death, dubious consent, rape, ghosts, demons, horror, sadism, violence


Ariel Graham
E.E. Ottoman
Erin Sneath
K.A. Merikan
Zach Sweets