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Pups and Picnics

Meri Benson

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An Earth Day celebration should be about more than getting drunk and rutting in the woods, or at least that's what Rose thinks. But Hannah knows that as a submissive in the pack, Rose will need support and encouragement to get the idea across to the pack as a whole. And that she'll need help to get it up and running smoothly.

"We need kids."

The muffin Hannah swallowed stuck in her throat and caused her to choke a little, eyes widening a touch. Blueberry invaded most of her senses as she dropped the remaining muffin and coughed to try and clear her throat; she managed to croak a low, "Excuse me?" She couldn't have heard Rose correctly, not in all the stars.

Bouncing in place, Rose leaned against the island that separated the kitchen from the living room. "Kids! Pups! If we're going to do a proper Earth Day celebration, we need to have pups there, too. We can have crafts and snacks; it'll be great!" Her words flowed from between pink lips at a mile a minute, barely registering the confusion from the brunette that regarded her with weary eyes.

As her words slowed to a stop, Rose stilled and focused on Hannah. There was only the faintest cloud of confusion that marred her bright blue eyes as her head tilted to the side a tiny bit. "Wait. Why? What did you think I meant?"

Hannah reached and took a sip of her juice, letting the burst of orange on her tongue help her to swallow easier as she regarded the Rose across the counter. The bright sunlight that streamed through the window behind Rose lit up her frosted blond hair and gave it a halo effect, and Hannah couldn't help the smile that settled on her features. "I'm barely awake, and you started talking about kids."

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Earth Day Celebration


3,800 words
11 pages

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F/F, werewolf