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Alina Ray

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The price of fame is high as Ian, the manager of a small night club in 1985 New York, is all but forgotten when the band—and the hot lead singer—that he discovered rises to stardom. Faced with continued exposure to the band through the media, it is up to Ian to put together the pieces of his broken heart and work toward his dream of owning the best club in the city.

"So, um, should I go ahead and start, then?" the lead singer asked.

Ian Grothe only nodded in reply. Thanks to his alarm going off late, his coffee spilling on his shirt, and the rain he had to walk through from the subway, he didn't trust himself to say anything that wasn't sarcastic. He didn't even want to be at the club his club but he had promised this band that he would give them an audition.

It was practically a formality at this point. He needed a band for this coming Friday. The band he usually booked canceled because one of them landed in jail for something or other. As long as this band could somewhat carry a tune and didn't fall off of the stage, they were in. Besides, it wasn't as though that many people came to his little hole-in-the-wall club, anyway. Just a few regulars and maybe a small bachelor or bachelorette party every few weeks.

Ian realized that the band had started to play, and he forced his attention back to the task at hand. He listened to the heavy metal song, quickly followed up by a slower rock tune. Ian found himself tapping his foot along to the beat. For the first time since he had opened his club five years ago, he had found a band that he thought was actually good.

3.5 - Gigi at MM Good Book Reviews
"I’m not much for anyone who lets themselves become a doormat, but Ian pulls himself up by the bootstraps, opens a new club, and runs into trouble on opening night. Will Apollo make amends? Did he really forget such a wonderful, supportive man such as Ian? You’ll just have to read and find out. I enjoyed some of the 80's musical references, such as that young upstart Madonna touring the nightclub circuit in NYC. Ha! Blast from the past."


Written in Flesh


10,800 words
28 pages

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Short Story





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M/M, 1980s, rockstar, tattoo