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Planting Seeds

Alex Whitehall

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Gabe, white collar through and through, and his coworkers spend Earth Day helping a soup kitchen prepare its gardens. But Aiden, a soup kitchen volunteer, gives Gabe nothing but grief for his help. Is this a thorn he has to bear for the day, or will they end up planting the seeds of friendship?

It was a perfect day to be outside. It was brisk—still only late April after all—but the sun was warm and there was only a hint of breeze, as if the world was helping make Earth Day a success. Gabe thought so at least. That Earth Day was going to be a success, not that the world was being cooperative. For all he knew, it was raining everywhere else.

His whole department had shown up to help prep the garden for The Stone Soup Kitchen, although it was pretty apparent who was volunteering for the day and who did this on a regular basis. But hey, every little bit helped, right?

Mr. Mahlone—who was old enough that Gabe didn't even ask for a first name—was pairing everyone off to work in the little plots of earth. Gabe could just make out where the gardens had been previously: free of grass, but with dead plants clinging to the solid ground. Some plots had rolls of fencing curled to the side, moved out of the way for the day, but probably good for keeping rabbits and squirrels out normally.

"So the idea," Mr. Mahlone said as he led Gabe over to the last plot where a man was already working, "is to aerate the ground, and then plant the seeds and starters. Finally, we'll water everything and let nature take its course. But Aiden here will show you what to do."

At the mention of his name, the working man looked up. He had bright green eyes and short tufts of red hair that stuck out under his knit hat. He was dressed in a flannel shirt, jeans with dirt built in, and boots. Worn boots. He looked like he was made for the earth and gardening, and if it wasn't for the paleness of his cheeks, Gabe would have thought he spent all his time outside.

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Earth Day Celebration


3,000 words
10 pages

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M/M, contemporary