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Kelly Rand

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Edith sleepwalks through a life so normal as to be boring. She lives with her mother, works a mundane job to support them, and makes no waves among the ladies of her sleepy 1920's Canadian town. Secretly, though, she watches the flappers and so-called "loose women" with envy, dreaming of what glamorous lives they must have. And that's before Clark walks into her life.

Clark embodies the world that Edith wishes she could be a part of. He's slick and dangerous and sexy in a way Edith has never experienced. So when Clark offers her a window into his world, she dives through without thinking. On the other side, though, her black and white world explodes into shades of gray, challenging Edith in ways she never imagined.

Edith headed back down the stairs and saw Ruth scraping cookies off the baking sheet and dropping them in a tin. She pressed the lid onto the tin and handed it to Edith.

Her mother's eyes ignited. "Are you chewing gum?"

"Yes." Edith never could lie.

Her mother yanked open the lid of the garbage can. "Spit it out. It's unladylike. You look like a flapper."

A little thrill raced up Edith's spine at the idea of being a flapper. She saw them around Simcoe. She saw them in front of the department store downtown, with their horn-rimmed glasses and their straight, loose dresses, and their hair cut into bobs that covered their ears and exposed the backs of their pale necks. Occasionally, as she thought of them, Edith felt a jolt of sexual electricity rush through her, heat that pooled in her groin and her cheeks. Some of the women were younger than her, yet they were so confident. Edith occasionally posed in the mirror in her bedroom, her hip jutted out, imagining somehow that their elements of style—the knee-length skirts, the sleeveless blouses, the long, ropey strings of pearls and the flasks strapped to their hips like weapons—could be pieced on her in a way that made sense.

She headed out onto the sidewalk and passed the Woodfords' driveway. The young man was there again, sucking on a narrow cigarette. He nodded to Edith, and Edith nodded back.

"Cookies for a neighbor," she called, holding up the tin. Even as she smiled brightly, she wondered what the hell she was doing. Why tell him where she was going? It wasn't as if he cared. The polite smile stayed on his face, and he nodded again as if to say good day. The conversation was over.

5 - Gabbi at Top 2 Bottom Reviews
"Pearl is a fast-paced, interesting and sexy read from the first page to the last word. I was intrigued by the main characters in this book and loved the sizzling chemistry between them.... I liked the mystery and captivation that Edith had for Clark, because I found myself becoming just as intrigued about him as well. I thought the story had a smooth, lyrical flow to it and I would love to read more about these characters in the future."

4 - Ginnie at Read The Rainbow
"Pearl is a rare mix of transgender romance and historical which I was greatly looking forward to. Edith fit the time well and had the concerns and aspirations of a woman of her era. But she wanted more from a life that was nearly stifling and one day she gets it in the form of a handsome stranger. The only flaw this short story had was that it was so very short. In dealing with historical attitudes, the idea of a woman carving her own path against society, the idea of sexuality and growing up, along with understanding an aspect of someone a character has never encountered before, there was so much more here to be explored. Even the ending was a bit ambiguous. I choose to think everything worked out for them, as I believe the author intended, instead of how else it could have gone. I wanted more and wished this had been longer but I enjoyed what was here and hope these characters had a long and happy life together. "

4 - Darien at Pants Off Reviews
"The writing really captures your attention in a few pages, and Clark will have you wanting to know him.... I can picture the 1920's so clear in my mind, the brink of prohibition and the dangers surrounding it and Clark involved in it all.... Overall, really enjoyed this story and wish it were longer. Clark is engraved in my mind, and I look forward to see what else Kelly Rand will offer us."


9,600 words
24 pages

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Trans*, historical, 1920s, virgin