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Pawns Book I: Stalemate

Lord Ash, a faerie of the Solar Court, is used to getting what—and who—he wants. His extensive list of conquests is well-known, and faeries from both Courts clamor for his attention. While hosting a delegation from the Lunar Court to celebrate the upcoming Summer Solstice, Ash becomes intrigued by Master Frost, the head scholar for the visiting Lord Mulberry. When Frost rejects his advances, though, Ash's interest in the stoic faerie only intensifies, and he redoubles his efforts to capture Frost's favor.

Frost, meanwhile, becomes increasingly frustrated by Ash's constant attention. His long-buried past has convinced him to wall away his heart and guard his body from passion. He wants nothing more than to be left alone and to return to his home and his books as soon as possible. His gruff demeanor and a stare as cold as his name have always been effective deterrents to unwanted romantic advances, but Lord Ash refuses to be swayed, forcing Frost to resort to stronger forms of rejection.

Slowly, those around the two are unwittingly drawn into their game, manipulated by the pair into an intricate sequence of move and countermove, advance and retreat. But Ash does not give up easily, and his desire for Frost pushes the stakes ever higher, until the very fate of the two Courts hangs in the balance.

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50,000 words

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978-1-937058-45-6 (print)
978-1-937058-44-9 (ebook)

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M/M, fantasy