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Angelia Sparrow
Naomi Brooks

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When Connor's rent money is due and not even hooking can make up the shortfall, he is willing to do almost anything. So when playboy Jarrett makes him a very generous offer, he doesn't look too closely at the terms—and lives to regret it. Because now he's literally a slave to Jarrett's sadistic appetites, and the longer he stays, the more he feels his own identity slipping away.

The endless river of headlights and taillights flowed through the night.

Connor visited with the girls, griping about vacuum cleaners and bosses who went for blowjobs but not from him. Carlotta was right, it really was a slow night. Babs got called out and left. The little girls wandered off on the arms of some young men out slumming, one wearing his college letter jacket. Connor didn't move from his streetlight.

"You gotta dress hotter," Carlotta said. "Nobody wants Mr. Ikea in this neighborhood. You need a look, baby." She took a long drag on her cigarette, her Adam's apple moving when she swallowed. "Something sexy and slutty, something that says you're the hottest piece of tail on the block and suck better than those shitty vacuums you can't sell."

3.5 - Vivian ay Hearts On Fire Reviews
"This treads a very fine line for me regarding personal enjoyment and skips further away with the lack of emotions from Jarrett. I either need a complete psychopath or more concerned interaction between violence/cruelty for it to work. All that said, it is a bit too quick in the telling and felt rushed or I would have rated it higher even though it’s not completely to my taste. Recommended for hardcore kinksters who like punishments, forced feminization and chastity in a non-con story."

3 - BookAddict at The Romance Reviews
"ome of the sexual perversion forced upon Connor by Jarrett are right up my alley. Chastity and forced feminization with dub-con rape is always a delight. For those who enjoy this kind of non-con, this is the book for you. The cruel scenes are not too detailed, but just enough to get your rocks off. This story could really be expanded so that Connor's journey into sexual servitude is more gradual and deliciously deviant. Recommended for kinky m/m who enjoy their dub-con sexual fantasy."


Like It Or Not


11,000 words
27 pages

Release Date

Book Type

Short Story





Cover Art

ThinkSentient Ltd


M/M, contemporary, dubious consent