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Other Side of Night: Bastian & Riley

K. Piet
S.L. Armstrong

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Vampires walk among us. For centuries, they have adapted, learning to pass undetected in our world. They no longer fear the day, only the sting of direct sunlight. They are students, bankers, lawyers, and even actors. But when the sun goes down, they are all united by their eternal thirst. We do not see them from our safe and comfortable side of the night. But sometimes, one of us is drawn away from the light and we cross into their world. Into the other side of night.

Sebastian Rossi's second year at the University of Tennessee began much differently than his first. He rushes to and from his classes, covered head to toe in thick clothing. Parties are a thing of the past, and dating hasn't been high on his list of priorities. No, high on his needs is blood. Lots of it. Adjusting to the changes no one even told him would happen following one great night of partying and sex has been hell for Bastian, but he's managing.

Riley Lynch's dream is to be a veterinarian. He works hard to pay his tuition, reads in every spare moment, and tries to forget the nightmare of his sophomore year. Summer has washed away all the bad, leaving him refreshed and eager for his junior year at UT. Life is finally looking up for him, and he has no intention of sliding back down into the depression that had consumed him during his last relationship.

A chance meeting brings their two worlds into alignment and passion sparks between them. When Riley learns of the changes Bastian is going through, he has a choice to make: walk away or embrace the night.

Bastian sat at their usual table, his eyes darting around the busy street corner. The sun had just set, and he'd made it to his standing date with Riley early. When the server asked him what he wanted, he absently ordered whatever seasonal crap the place was serving. Coffee was coffee to Bastian, especially since that damn frat party last semester, and so he didn't really care what they brought. What he cared about was—

Riley came into sight across the street, and Bastian couldn't help but smile. They'd met by chance, or so Riley thought. He'd been watching the junior since the start of the year, but when they'd bumped into each other in the quad three weeks ago, Bastian had thrown caution to the wind. He'd asked Riley out for coffee, and now they met every Thursday evening for a couple of hours before Riley had to go to work.

"Bastian," Riley said, letting the heavy book bag he carried fall to the ground with a thud. "I'm sorry if I kept you waiting."

Bastian shook his head. "I haven't been waiting long, no," he insisted. Riley smiled, and it made Bastian's heart jump. That smile lit up the blue-green eyes that only enhanced his ginger hair. Riley, Bastian thought fondly, was the quintessential red-head, and he thought it was hotter than hell. "I ordered something for myself, but I didn't get you anything yet since I didn't know when you'd be coming..." God help him, was he rambling? Again?

Riley laughed and sat down. "It's all right. I like my tea really hot, so I can order when they bring yours out. How are you doing, Bastian? You don't look so pale tonight. You're feeling better?"

He loved how Riley called him Bastian. No one else had done it, but Riley had started immediately upon learning his name was Sebastian. "A little," he admitted. Yeah, he was feeling better. He'd downed a quart of the pig's blood he'd wrangled from a butcher 20 minutes away from the university. "How about you?"

5 - Vanessa at VC Erotica
"Not a single character is cookie-cutter or cliche. The plot doesn't feel trite, tired, or hackneyed, because it is not. The love story, the relationship-development, just feels so real and personal that it made me even more connected to the characters and their plight. I could gush on and on about Other Side of Night, but instead, I'm going to buy myself a softcover copy so I can put it on my bookshelf and savor it wherever I am when I want to sink my teeth into a fantastic book. You should buy yourself a copy too! You won't regret it. "

4.5 - Lisa at Top2Bottom Reviews
"S.L. Armstrong and K. Piet have introduced a contemporary world where humans live, work, and befriend vampires, never the wiser they might be a hairsbreadth away from becoming a predator's next snack.... Other Side of Night promises there's more to come in Bastian and Riley's world.... I'm looking forward to see what’s coming next."

4 - BookWenches
"Both of the heroes in this novella are well-developed... each appealing in their own way. These two young men are in college, so we have to forgive them for acting their age upon occasion. This is also what makes them believable.... Ms. Armstrong and Ms. Piet have a writing style that is very readable while still keeping a dark and shadowy edge. Their stories are unique and should especially please those who enjoy vampire and bdsm-themed fiction."

4 - Jenre at Well Read
"There was much to like about this book, especially in the genuine problems faced by Bastian and Riley. They are both true to their age, as young men at college and so I found I couldn't judge them too harshly for the mistakes they make.... The way that Bastian is introduced to the other vampires added a nice creepy tension to the story and... certainly kept my attention and added an extra dimension to the romance, widening the scope of what was happening to Bastian and Riley. Overall, I enjoyed this book, especially the character of Riley and the way that romance is blended with a touch of horror. I'm looking forward to further books in the series...."

4 - Sharon at Rarely Dusty Books
"Sensual. That is the word I would use to describe this novella.... [T]he story is about more than two people coming together in a well written sex scene.... The story ends with a twist I wasn't expecting and has me worried about Sebastian and Riley's future. They have unknowingly become a part of a vampire world with rules and expectations that even the readers don't know yet."

4 - Lototy at Coffee Time Romance
"These two young men have all the bases covered from deep heartfelt emotion to a super sexy love affair. I really love how you get an insider view to what is going on in their heads long before the physicality of their relationship comes into play. The pain they feel is very real and touching and you will agonize right alongside both of them. You also get an inkling of a parallel story in relation to Bastian's change, and it has you itching to know more."

4 - Jamie at Man Oh Man Reviews
"If you're more interested in love overcoming all obstacles, with lots of heated passion, and just so happens to have a vampire in it, then pick this up! [M]y advice is to just relax and read! This story had a few unexpected twists and turns, and just when you think it's kinda predictable, it suddenly focuses on Bastian's vampirism, and ultimately that is what saves the day for both characters. Really enjoyable, lots of passion, hot scenes and a good ending. "

4 - Joyfully Jay
"Even though things felt a little uneven for me, especially in the beginning, I did enjoy the book quite a bit. I think it is an unusual vampire story, which is nice given how many there are out there. I found the characters likeable with good chemistry between them. The issue of trust was a central theme and I thought it was well explored."

4 - Cryselle at Jesse Wave Reviews
"[A] lighter-hearted take on vampires than most - neither man believes in them at first, and only time, experience, and a harsh encounter make believers out of them.... I liked the characters very much, being good-hearted young men with some whacked-out problems, trying to solve them with the best of intentions and the worst of coping skills. The secondary characters came with a few interesting twists of their own, and were a nice but not intrusive touch, and they did get the one true eyes-bugging-out moment. The pacing seemed a little uneven, but this was a pleasing read all the same. Focused more on trust than the good or evil of vampires, this is young love with blood rather than horror."

3.5 - Kassa
"[W]hat makes this particular story work pretty well is that it's well written with interesting scenarios and three-dimensional leading men. The subtext to the vampire world is very subtle, only appearing in one scene, but it works and creates some interest and potential future intrigue/conflict.... Overall this is a good entry into the vampire genre with a well-crafted story about honesty, choice, and coming to terms with your life. I'm definitely curious to see where the characters go from here and the potential of the vampire community at large."

3 - Valentina at The Romance Reviews
"The quality writing and an interesting detailed concept of vampires is something worth noticing and appreciating.... I had genuine appreciation for the romantic side of the couple's relationship.... I think it is a very well written story...."


Other Side of Night


47,000 words
190 pages

Release Date

September 23, 2011

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978-1-937058-25-8 (print)
978-1-937058-24-1 (ebook)

Cover Art

Nathie Block


M/M, vampire, college, abuse, paranormal