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S.L. Armstrong

This retelling the Biblical mythos of the Creation and the Fall comes from the perspective of the Fallen: the angel Morningstar. It is the story of an angel, not of pride and envy, but of confusion and frustration. Forced to watch as the place of the angels as the Creator's favored is slowly taken over by the rise of Man, Morningstar seeks solace with his lover, Radueriel.

Radueriel has a fanatical devotion to the Creator, and he repeatedly urges Morningstar to surrender to the Creator's will. Unable to do so, Morningstar revolts against the Creator and His ineffable Divine Plan, jeopardizing his relationship with Radueriel and risking the wrath of God. The revolution fails, and the rebelling angels are expelled from Heaven.

Not to Hell, but to Earth.

They called it my Fall.

That's a convenience, though. That makes it sound as though it was entirely my fault. Oops, I tripped and Fell. Ha, ha, everyone laugh at the clumsy fool!

The truth is, I was thrown out. I was cast from the sight of God. That's right - I was so horrible and my actions so beyond reproach that the all-loving God could not bear even to look at me. That's the truth. But the Truth is, He was afraid of me. He was afraid that if He allowed me to remain, that I would gather more of His faithful to me and return even stronger than before. So He, with His so-called infinite patience, expelled me, and all those who followed me, locking the gates of Heaven behind us.

Now, here I am. Out of His sight, out of the reach of His hand.

5 - Lulu at Fangirl Adventures
"I really like the voice the author created for Morningstar & the fact that he questions his faith despite not having his lovers approval. The writing is really beautiful and has a sense of cruel poetry to it that makes me love Morningstar even more.... It was short & sweet... but was as strong as a novel."

3.5 - M/M Good Book Reviews
"This is a beautiful rendition of the Fall of the Angels while showing that Morningstar was not filled with envy or pride but believed that the Angels rightful place was being usurped by the humans.... I will recommend this to those who love religious themed m/m, that has sweet and rough love and an alternative to the normal Devil/Satan/Lucifer Fallen Angel theme."


18,500 words
29 pages

Release Date

Book Type

Short Story





Cover Art

Nathie Block


M/M, religious themes