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Modern Mythology

Penny K. Moss

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After years of studying the art and magic of runecrafting, Käde has returned to her family in the Southern Circle in time for the long, dark winter when the sun disappears for two months. While there, she has a chance to catch up with Räivä, a childhood friend she has not seen for many years. Just as new feelings between the two women begin to bloom, an accident with her hunting party leaves Räivä lost somewhere in the blizzard. Käde knows she has little time to find Räivä, but it will take more than just runecraft to rescue her, and Käde fears she doesn't have the strength.

Runes aren't alive, but they channel a power that gives each rune a distinct nature. As a whole, the runes can appear to have a vicious sense of humor. New initiates often have vivid, incomprehensible dreams as they forge a contract with their power through the runes. It is, in part, how the runes attune themselves to each individual runecaster.

As a runecaster's knowledge of the craft matures, the dreams become easier to comprehend. According to my mistress, some are even prophetic. I only had enough experience that the runes occasionally took pity on me and offered up a riddle or two to help me find a solution to a problem. That night, I had my first runedream since returning to the Southern Circle. At first, I wasn't certain it was a runedream. Runecasting is a Hotan craft, and all my previous runedreams spoke to me through Hotan imagery. This dream spoke to me through Umi imagery.

I was Terhi. I was trapped in Ivö's fortress, bound in the stone and earth through his death curse. Layers of snow and ice blanketed me, and my heart beat slowly, in time to the ebb and flow of the moon. Understandable, since the moon was my brother, and I had given him half my heart when Mount Otsu had pierced his.

My brother did his best to sustain us, but the two halves of my heart were not meant to be separated by so much distance. Ivö's curse kept me bound in the earth. Mount Otsu's spear kept my brother pinned to the sky. We would both die soon.

I had no regrets. Saika was safe. Ivö was dead and could not abduct her again, and his generals were scattered, none strong enough to become new bear kings. So no, I had no regrets. Just desires: the warmth of Saika's touch, the joy of my brother's smile, the freedom to roam in search of new knowledge.

3.5 - Darien at Pants Off Reviews
"It was like reading a story within a story, I don't know if it made the reading experience better or a lot more confusing, though I did enjoy Käde's voice. Overall, I did enjoy reading this short. I loved the detailed descriptions that weren't too overwhelming. I appreciated how the author mixed in the romantic with the tragic; it created a perfect balance."

3.5 - Sean at World of Diversity Fiction
"I loved the fantasy part of the story. It wasn’t something I’d have read in the past, so it scored originality. I really enjoyed the idea of how runecraft worked. The best part about the book was the writing style. It read like poetry because the descriptive of the setting and everything that came from Käde’s mind were awesome. The author wrote the story as if she drew the picture. If the author ever decided to expanded this one into a novel or write another book in a longer version of similar magic world the author had developed from Modern Mythology, I’d grab a copy fast."

3 - Vanessa at VC Erotica
" Modern Mythology definitely deserves a kudos for originality. The fantasy aspect of it was well-done and made this more unique than most F/F stories I've read over the years. There's a great world in this story with interesting characters that unfortunately wasn't as a whole entirely developed in this short and would have benefited greatly from a longer format."




16,000 words

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Short Story





Cover Art

Darryl Taylor


F/F, fantasy