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Mark of the Familiar

Alex Whitehall

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Ellis, having killed his abusive master, is placed in the custody of a safe house for magical beings. Within those brick walls, he finds more than safety. But William has dealt with people's unwanted attentions his entire life and wants nothing to do with Ellis or his devotion. Except Ellis is determined to convince William that their bond is more than just skin deep and that together they can make something magical.

Ellis followed his new guardian from the cell; the padded shoes were silent on the hard floors as they traveled down to the outside. It was brighter than it had seemed through the gray windows of his cell. Ellis squinted, trying to block it with his hand. A few steps later, he was led into a horseless carriage, blinking again at the sudden darkness.

The man helped him get settled before seating himself, and a woman in the front turned around and asked, "All set, James?"

"Ready," the man said.

Ellis stared at the man, curious, and was given a smile in return. "If you wish to know, then ask. I know you're capable of speech."

He wiggled his nose and lips, and then licked the tasteless air before sighing. "You are James?"

"Yes. I am the founder of the Sui Generis Protection Agency. We handle cases where magical beings such as yourself are in conflict with humankind or are in need of assistance. We provide the care, therapy, and help necessary for you to return to a normal life."

Ellis nodded, clasping his hands together and dropping his eyes to the artful black strokes that swirled down his fingers.

James chuckled, leaned forward to pat his shoulder, but then stopped just short of it. "I know it seems unlikely, but most people are more accepting of your differences than you previously have encountered, I promise you. Not everyone will treat a Familiar as their own personal toy. Some even go on to live independent lives."

Ellis nodded again, not sure why a Familiar would want to. He brushed his fingers over the necklace he'd been given. "What does this do?"

"The ward merely restrains magic so you cannot currently use it, nor can it be used on you. My son will remove it once we are on our property; he is a skilled Wardsman. There would be no danger in any of us removing it, but it is best if he does it."

4 - Gigi at MM Good Book Reviews
"Alex Whitehall does an excellent job of creating believable characters and environments in fantasy/paranormal stories. I grew attached to Ellis immediately, and wanted to know so much more about this world of magic and familiars that the author has weaved. I enjoyed every minute of this story, of familiars, shifting forms, masters and mates, and wish I had more to read! I especially enjoyed the moments where Ellis curls up to sleep outside William’s door. I’ll have to look this author up and find out what other literary marvels I can devour!"

0 - Serena at Rainbow Book Reviews
"If you like stories about magic and the beings who deal with it, if you enjoy spending some time in the mind of one of them as he recovers from a bad experience and learns to like life again, and if you’re looking for a read that is as cute and sweet as it is hot, then you will probably like this short story. For my part, I cannot wait to read the sequel!"


Written in Flesh


12,000 words
32 pages

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Short Story





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M/M, fantasy, shifter, tattoo