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Love and Agony

K. Piet
S.L. Armstrong

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Between love and agony, there is a world of pleasure and pain, want and need. Authors S.L. Armstrong and K. Piet explore this world in many of its infinite variations with this collection of seventeen original short stories ranging from the contemporary to the paranormal to the fantastical.

Love and Agony includes:

The Wolf Pack's Lady - Moon leads the werewolf Ronan to her world and finally makes her presence known to him.

Blood and Absinthe - Le Carnaval du Diable holds many secrets, and Lee glimpses one when he buys Roderick for an hour.

Orion - Alaric shares a meal with his vampiric progeny, Orion, who has more than food on his mind.

His Kitten - Fire Elf Maelog plays an erotic game with his lover, the Cloud Elf Darron, making him crawl, lick, and purr like a kitten.

Welcome Home - After months grieving the loss of his missing demonic lover, demigod Lisril finally finds reason to rejoice.

Unwilling Compromise - When the werewolves overthrow the vampires in Cleveland, Alpha Talon claims the vampire Seth as his pet.

Angel Lost - Captive of the demon Llirr, the angel Jophiel finds common ground with his master... and possibly more.

Black Pearls - Dragonslayer Wolfe returns from a successful hunt to the waiting arms of Garrett, his favored prostitute.

Worship Me - After a long day, Alessandro chooses to relax with a shower and the eager submission of his lover, Damian.

Temptation Calls - Temptation dances through the vampire Gideon's world in the form of the therian cat, Aubrey.

Never Let Go - For the Elves Rayfier and Lyis, not even death can come between their love.

A Bitter Reunion - Archangel Michael visits Earth to see what has become of the exiled Morningstar.

All Grown Up - A decade away at school hasn't stifled Warrick's desire for his former benefactor, the vampire Samuel.

Rehabilitation - Retraining Daygan, a freed lust slave, to be independent proves harder than Cathal had expected.

The Vampire's Boy - Vampire London forces his submissive half-breed lover, Jasper, to earn the pleasure of London's bite.

Ashe's Choice - Five years after bespelling Ashe, incubus twins Hunter and Ryder grant him the choice they once denied him.

Plus a "deleted scene" from Catalyst!

Roderick sat down in front of Thaddeus' desk in the management trailer. He pulled out his cigarette case and chose one of the sweet smelling cigarettes. He closed the case, put the cigarette between his lips, and struck a match. Thaddeus looked up from the books, and Roderick just smiled and lit his cigarette. He took a deep drag, and then exhaled the smoke through his nose. "Jack says there isn't enough scratch in the kitty to hire on the extra help before we hit the shore?"

"That's right," Thaddeus murmured. "Sales have been down, and the midway's been quiet. Unless you lot manage to draw in a decent number of marks in Burlington and Charleston, we won't have anything to get down into Atlanta with, and that means no work during the winter."

"We have to work this winter." Roderick drew on his cigarette, considering. "Burlington's going to be hard, but Charleston should be decent. I know the boss wants us to make it to Atlanta by Thanksgiving, and if we don't..."

Thaddeus' jaw twitched. "There will be hell to pay," he muttered, his blue eyes intent on the books.

Roderick smirked. "You could say that."

"Load 'em in, Roderick. Make sure Amelia has the girls on the high wire, and tell Joseph we'll set up the trapeze tent in Burlington."

4 - Darien at Pants Off Reviews
"There is a story in here for anyone, there's some sexy, some sweet, some sad as hell, and even better some kinky.... I know not everyone likes short stories but why deny yourself all this awesome simply because "the stories aren't long enough". There's also a deleted scene from Catalyst, which damn near broke my heart."


Le Carnaval du Diable


78,000 words
192 pages

Release Date

June 29, 2012

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Dare Empire eMedia


M/M, fantasy, paranormal, vampire, werewolf, religious themes, BDSM, rape, slavery, protitution, violence, roleplay, D/s, incest, angels, demons