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In The Pines

Lydia Nyx

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Tyler Maxwell is a former New York cop now working a desk job in Alaska. But he hasn't lost all of his cop instincts. After purchasing a gun as a gift despite the gun shop owner's insistence that the weapon was cursed, Tyler starts doing some investigating into the gun's sordid past. He turns up evidence of a string of unexplained suicides, all apparently committed with the very same gun.

At the same time, Tyler begins to have erotic dreams about the beautiful and mysterious Flynn. Thoughts of Flynn soon begin to intrude upon Tyler's waking hours, though, and it becomes clear that Flynn wants more from Tyler than just his body. He has a favor to ask. Now, Tyler has to finally unravel the mystery of the gun before he becomes its next victim.

The hours slipped away, unnoticed until the day was gone and the apartment was full of shadows. Tyler realized with a start that he was sitting on the couch and had no idea how long he'd been there, lost in his thoughts, wracking his brain. The gun was in his hands, dangling between his knees. The contents of one of the boxes of bullets was scattered across the coffee table. He'd loaded the gun.

He didn't remember doing it.

A chill crept over him, some still-rational part of his mind sending up warning bells. It was the instinct he'd used as a police officer when something didn't feel right. Sitting alone locked up in his apartment all day—he hadn't even gotten dressed, and his stomach told him he hadn't eaten—was not right. And he'd loaded the gun but couldn't remember doing it, didn't even remember getting the bullets out.

Flynn's voice whispered in his ear: forget about all that, love, and come to bed.

He crawled into bed, gun clutched in his hand. He curled up in a ball and waited for sleep to come, for Flynn to come.

For the first time, when Flynn appeared, sitting Indian-style on the bed, he wasn't naked. He was dressed entirely in black, a long-sleeved black shirt with a high collar and black pants. All of his beautiful body was hidden from Tyler's sight.

Flynn looked upset, angry even. "You're not trying very hard. I don't think you really want to be with me."

5 - Cole at The Armchair Reader
"This dark and finely crafted mini mystery had me falling for everything I was set up to, and then marveling at the turn the story took and the way it artfully came together.... I think it was beautifully written just like the gun, dangerously seductive."

5 - Fire Pages
"This short is very well written, mysterious, and a great change of pace. (The rating applies to the anthology as a whole.)"

4.5 - Between the Covers
"Wow. This story was dark and sexy and the plot was interesting (and suspenseful) enough that I found myself skimming through the sex to find out what was going to happen. Although not all elements were a surprise, I felt the overall plot was well handled and the big reveal was hinted at enough to substantiate the ending. (The rating applies to the anthology as a whole.)"

4.5 - Gabbi at Top 2 Bottom Reviews
"For a short story, In the Pines really packed a lot of punch! Between the mystery of the gun's past, the curse behind it, and the intriguing and sensual Flynn, this short story kept me enthralled with it from the first page to the last word."

4.5 - Darien at Pants Off Reviews
"Even days after finishing this story, I still kept thinking about it.... I loved the bit of mystery offered up in this story, and the beautiful yet sad ending. I believe this story can be looked at in many ways, and it's entirely up to the reader. (The rating applies to the anthology as a whole.)"

4 - Jenre at Brief Encounters
"I've always found this author to write intelligently with a style that appeals to me as a reader and this book was no exception. The story drew me in quickly with its mix of eroticism and mystery.... Overall, this was an interesting and well written story with the gun as a focus for the paranormal rather than it being used as gun play."

4 - Naunet at Blackraven's Reviews
"Ms. Nyx weaves a sexy thriller that is so intoxicating that I often sat with my eyes bugging out of my head and gasping for air after holding my breath in anticipation of the next event.... Ms. Nyx manages to not only create a wonderfully erotic story that is top-notch in every aspect, but also creates a combination that blends the thriller genre that takes you by surprise. (The rating applies to the anthology as a whole.)"


Weight of a Gun


10,100 words
27 pages

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Short Story





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Dare Empire eMedia


M/M, dark themes, paranormal