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In All Your Ways

Cari Z

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During Heaven's rebellion, the angel Renat fell to Hell for loving the angel Emiel more than God. His punishment was harsh: he became a demon. Millennia later, Renat has long given up hope on ever reuniting with his love, finding what little pleasure can be found in the lands of the damned. He's shocked when an angel is found at the borders of Hell, and he quickly realizes that Emiel has finally followed him into Hell. Renat knows he will have to fight to keep Emiel from being torn from him, and the only one who can save them is Satan himself.

The war in Heaven was brief, but blinding in its intensity. Lucifer, his love and pride too great to accept that he was lower in God's eyes than man, evinced his rage, and Michael met him blow for blow. The Morning Star fought the Viceroy of Heaven, and the greatest of the angels battled until the holy blood within them was shed. Lucifer was defeated and cast down, losing his holy name and rank in the Kingdom of Heaven. The rash, the hateful, the vicious, the prideful, and many of those who prized loyalty first fell with him.

The angel Renat was not hateful, or vicious, or rash. His fatal flaw was not pride or anger but, like Lucifer, an excess of love. Only Renat didn't hold God first in his heart, as all angels were meant to before the coming of mankind, nor could he turn his affections to God's latest and most volatile children. His love was all for Emiel, the angel who had served by his side since the time of their creation. Emiel was pure in a way so few angels managed to be, softer and gentler than the warriors who fought for Heaven or the messengers who shouted God's praises over all the earth. Emiel was love, and Renat�his closest companion�returned that love with a passion that plagued him with its intensity.

4 - Alex at Between the Covers
"[T]his story is equal parts heartbreaking and sweet.... All the characterizations were well done... the sex was erotic but not too sexualized (hey, these are angels we're talking about!); and the story has a satisfying closing. An all around well-done piece."

4 - Lisa at The Novel Approach
"[A] beautiful and romantic depiction of love overcoming and overwhelming all, in an act that one sees as an outrageous sacrifice while the other sees it as a righteous gift."

0 - Serena at Rainbow Book Reviews
"A beautiful story about love, grace, and trust, this takes the idea of the falling of angels one step further and examines what would happen if one of them fell because of love.... If you like angel/demon stories, if you enjoy thought experiments about good and evil and how they interrelate, and if you like reading about characters who will most likely make you ache with understanding and hope that all will end well, you will probably like this short story as much as I did."


10,000 words
26 pages

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M/M, angels, demons, fantasy, dark themes