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Immortal Symphony: Season 1: Overture

K. Piet
S.L. Armstrong

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Gabriel isn't quite making a living as a paranormal investigator, even with the help of his ghostly twin, Michael. But when he encounters the arrogant and sexy Dorian as he cleans the man's hotel room, it will take more than his casual displays of wealth to lure Gabriel to his Scotland estate. The opportunity for some scorchingly hot sex with the rich enigma, however, just might do it.

Michael doesn't like or trust Dorian, and he's not shy about saying so. But when Dorian calmly casts a banishing spell to put Michael in a 'time out', both brothers are shaken to the core. There is a lot more to this supernatural business than either of them suspected, and Dorian apparently knows far more than he was letting on. As the feelings between Dorian and Gabriel evolve into something more than lust, a hidden danger is also growing, and it will take all of their combined skills to prevail.

Dorian grinned as his fingers tangled in the long fringe of hair partially obscuring his latest conquest's face. The university student's face didn't really matter, but his hair was interesting, something new with its bright streaks of red and blue and pale blond. The boy was practically channeling the Union Jack as he slid down Dorian's body, making the leather seats of Dorian's car creak. Dorian smiled to himself. Jack was as good a pet name as any. The vibrant colored strands brought out the paleness of Dorian's skin, and he spared a vain thought for his own elegance before pulling Jack's lips down over the bulge in his slacks. The tug of his hand was met with resistance, though, and the boy's lust-darkened eyes met his.

"Professor..." Jack breathed. Dorian knew that tone all too well. It meant the boy was trying to keep himself in check. Religious values, perhaps, or maybe just a battle against the taboo of fucking around with a teacher—or, more accurately, guest lecturer. Either way, Dorian knew the plea beneath those words. Jack was begging to be overpowered, to be left without a choice. A mere gesture, and the boy could be his, but Dorian relished the conquest, the slow, erotic disintegration of those walls modern young men built around themselves.

"Shh," Dorian soothed. "Just you and me now. You didn't follow me from the lecture hall to compare notes. You didn't step into this car to conduct the Inquisition." Dorian let his fingers trail sensually over the boy's features and along his unnaturally colored hairline. "You came to give me something. And you're going to give it, Jack."

4.5 - Crissy at Joyfully Jay
"Overall, I am pleased with this initial episode of Immortal Symphony. The basis of the story, played off of the original, is creative and fun. The characters are endearing. And the writing is captivating. I want more. I’m looking forward to the next installment. If you’ve ever read The Picture of Dorian Gray and wondered what if, this story is for you. If you are a fan of the paranormal, instant connections, and mystery, this is definitely a story for you. And if you just plain love serials, I recommend you read Immortal Symphony: Overture."

4.5 - Crissy at Joyfully Jay
"This episode is incredibly exciting from dreams of past lovers to secrets being revealed. I have so many questions now and hate when each episode ends, especially this one since it has turned out to be my favorite so far. With each installment of this serial, I am more and more intrigued and as always I cannot wait to see what these authors have for us in the future. ***Note: this review applies to the third episode only."

4.5 - Crissy at Joyfully Jay
"I’m so excited that this plot is beginning to grow and develop. This serial has been an entertaining play on a classic. It’s been sexy, yes. But now the authors are getting into the meat of the story. In this episode we find Dorian, Gabriel, and Michael tangled in a mystery that dates back centuries. The heat is turned up in this installment and the kink comes out to play. And I loved every burning second of it. Dorian with his massive amount of experience and Gabriel with his endearing innocence makes for scorching chemistry between the two. [t]hese authors are doing a wonderful job of keeping me on the edge of my seat. I am loving the mix of old and new in this serial and can’t wait for more. **Note: this review applies to the fourth episode only."

4 - Linda Tonis at Paranormal Romance Reviews
"Dorian and Gabriel have been in San Francisco for two months, and Dorian has finally gotten himself a job. Hiding in America from Henry, the man who wants him and tried to murder him, is depressing enough, but living with no house, parties, drugs, orgies, and money is more than Dorian can stand. I can't wait for the next in the serial to find out what is happening with Dorian and Gabriel, not to mention the other people in Dorian's life, such as his doctor, John, and his housekeeper, Emma, who have been sent to different places for their safety. ***Note: this review applies to the fifth episode only."

4 - Linda Tonis at Paranormal Romance Reviews
"When Dorian and Gabriel arrive home to face Harry, many new things will come to light. Gabriel will find out things about himself and his twin brother, Michael, that will change his life forever. Does Harry win? Is John safe? Questions that are all answered. This was episode six and there are a lot of changes that are going to happen in future episodes if this one is any indication. I can't wait for more of Gabriel and Dorian and what lies ahead for them in the future. ***Note: this review applies to the sixth episode only."

4 - Cryselle at Cryselle's Bookshelf
"I like the set up, I like the characters. Dorian is edgy and arrogant, Gabe is both cocky and ready for a bit of adventure, and there should be all sorts of sparks as they interact. This wasn’t a complete story arc, but I wasn’t expecting that, and I will be sniffing around for the next section."

4 - Salome Wilde at Sal and Tal Erotica
"From the graphic opening threesome of S. L. Armstrong and K. Piet’s new erotic romance serial Immortal Symphony (from Storm Moon Press), we’re in a world that kinky, pansexual dreams are made of. Just try to resist the moment the incomparable Dorian tops a woman while moaning over his shoulder for the man behind them to “Fuck us, pet.” I dare you. Once ... into Armstrong and Piet’s luscious take on Dorian’s inescapably hot, self-indulgent debauchery and troubled mind, I was riding high through the rest of the episode…and prepared to beg for more. "

4 - Cole at The Armchair Reader
"[T]he sex in this story pretty much blew me away. Even with that first scene I wasn’t expecting quite the level of sex in this story, but I was happy with it anyway. I’ll be interested to see in the future stories, once Gabriel and Dorian become more important to one another, how Dorian’s sexual appetites with multiple partners will affect Gabriel. I can honestly say that I have no idea what to expect of the coming stories, and that is exciting"

4 - Gabbi at Top 2 Bottom Reviews
"Dorian Grey is exactly the way he’s always been portrayed. He’s handsome and spoiled at getting what he wants, and has a wicked and irresistible sexuality that draws others into his erotic life. Loved this first installment of this serial! It definitely begins and ends with a bang and I can’t wait to read what this amazing writing team has in store for us next! If you are looking for something unique with characters who will automatically fascinate you, then this serial will definitely be for you!"

4 - Crissy at Joyfully Jay
"As it is the second episode, the story is still developing. This episode is sexy, beyond sexy. Like, fan yourself hot. Wow, the scenes in this episode are erotic and kinky and completely provocative. There’s so much I look forward to in this story. I like that this serial has an edge. It’s a new and different twist on a classic. As I said before, I love the play off of The Portrait of Dorian Gray. I’m looking forward to what’s to come of this serial. ***This review applies to the second episode only. "

4 - Linda at Paranormal Romance Guild
"Dorian Gray is alive and well in this story, and he is a man who lives in Scotland and lives out his every sexual fantasy. This is the first episode in a six part serial and although there is no end to the story the next episode will be out shortly. There is very explicit sex with a lot of dominance on Dorian's part and very little is left to the imagination. **Note: this review applies to the first episode only."

4 - Linda at Paranormal Romance Guild
"Against his brother's wishes, Gabriel Lawrence has decided to take Dorian Gray up on his offer to come to his mansion in Scotland. This story is filled with explicit sex, M/M/F, M/M, F/F. Little is left to one's imagination. This is a series, and the following book will follow shortly. This is a new Dorian Gray, and I can't wait to see what happens when innocent Gabriel delves more and more into Dorian's lifestyle. **Note: this review applies to the second episode only."

4 - Linda at Paranormal Romance Guild
"In this episode we finally find out what Dorian is, what we don't know is what his objective is with Gabriel. Why has Dorian chosen him and does he mean him harm? Since this is a serial it is necessary to read each one in order. The episodes contain explicit M/M sex and with each episode we will hopefully find out more about Dorian. **Note: this review applies to the third episode only."

3.5 - Lisa T at Attention Is Arbitrary
"So far this serial has had hot m/m sexiness, m/f/m ménage, and now a very exclusive orgy. Dorian doesn’t do things halfway. Honestly, there isn’t much forward movement in this episode, except to open Gabriel’s eyes to everything Dorian has to offer. Gabriel arrives at Dorian’s sumptuous estate and is instantly swept into a world of opulence and excess. While Gabe just wants to enjoy the fantasy; Michael is in desperately trying to get Gabe back to reality. The authors are still developing the plot so it isn’t clear yet what’s lying underneath the surface. I think the pacing is intentional and clever, but we’ll need to see some enlightening reveals soon. **Note: This review applies to the second episode only. "

3.5 - Lisa T at Attention Is Arbitrary
"A general understanding of the concepts within A Picture of Dorian Gray would be helpful, but the authors do a fine job of making clear what happened to Dorian, allowing for artistic license to let this version work. The authors then set off to explore and toy with the modern day version of sex, vanity and power. I don't think we're going to have to "worry" about too much morality showing up before some true fun is to be had by all. This is fast, quick, decadent, sinful and excessive. Everything Oscar Wilde warned us against. That was his message, I'm sure."

3.5 - Darien at Pants Off Reviews
"I am hands down an open minded reader, and there aren't many things that push my button. One of the things I never enjoy reading about is drug use, it really kind of irks me all over, and so I am very disappointed in Gabriel and his choices. While I'm complaining and all, there is still a lot that I like about Overture. First, I love the hell out of Dorien the manipulative bastard; he is literally sex on legs and its understandable why people do all these crazy things to please him. I love Gabriel and Michael, they provide twin entertainment and its almost bittersweet, because it’s what they might have been if Michael was live *sigh*. **Note: this rating applies to the second episode only."

3.5 - Cole at The Armchair Reader
"This third part of the Immortal Symphony serial is definitely the part of the story that I was waiting for. [I] liked this story even more than the first two — specifically because we’re starting to get some real answers... Dorian is such a big character that his presence often takes over parts of the story, and ultimately, I feel like he’ll be the deciding factor as to where the story will go as it navigates the boundary between erotica and romance. **Note: this rating applies to the third episode only."

3 - Book Addict at The Romance Reviews
"This third installment by talented duos S.L. Armstrong and K. Piet is a bridge to the next installment. Or at least, this reader hopes so. There is no sex in this short tale, instead Dorian's past is exposed and the twins come clean about their supernatural ability. The story is written tightly as one would expect from this duo. The thing which is disappointment is the shortness. Yes, it is a serial. It seems as if more questions are raised and the reader is still left hanging. It does make me want to tune in to read the next two in the serial to find out what happens. How will this relationship unfold now that Gabriel is feeling betrayal from multiple fronts? **Note: this rating applies to Episode 3 only."

3 - BookAddict at The Romance Reviews
"Hedonist haven, thy location is Dorian's mansion! The sex in this story is hot. When S.L. Armstrong and K. Piet come together, their m/m sex scenes can cause a reader to spontaneously combust. The orgy complete with catty ex-lovers and twink temptations is a debauchery not to be missed. This second installment in this serial story reveals more about both Gabe and Dorian. Still, there are unanswered questions which I hope to be forthcoming in the next installment. This teaser tale is recommended for m/m readers who enjoy supernatural erotica. **Note: this review applies to the second episode only."

3 - Kassa at 3AM
"[T]he writing in this scene and the later scene with Dorian and Simone is simply wonderful. The deft use of language and the ease with which complex emotion is conveyed is surprising. The glimpses into Dorian’s maze-like past and a hint of the powers he possesses are intriguing and leave me wanting more. Overall I have to say this was a successful addition to the series. It’s well written, concise, informative, and sets up numerous future scenarios. There is any number of directions this serial could go and I have to say ... I’m curious to see what the authors choose. ***Note-this review applies to the third episode only."

3 - BookAddict at The Romance Reviews
"This is where it started for the young innocent John. John is the doctor who services Dorian in more than one way. As a young man, his friend Cynthia pimps it out to Dorian. This short story is a smexy scene of seduction. There is no way John can resist Dorian's corrupt influence. This is a nice little bonus glimpse into the life of Dorian Gray. He truly is a hedonist. ***Note: this review applies to the season pass bonus story "Doc" only."

3 - BookAddict at The Romance Reviews
"This is a reinterpretation of the Dorian mythos and it's much more my alley than the original. The first in this Immortal Symphony is written at an allegro pace. Not only is this first movement played in allegro, but it is also in forte. The BDSM harmony is a delightful pairing and music to my ears. I will be breathlessly anticipating more sumptuous sexual medleys the duo authors orchestrate to seduce me. This book is recommended to kinky sexual epicureans who enjoy a heteroflexible spread. "

3 - Kassa at 3 AM
"The first episode is nicely independent and sets up the main players of the story. [T]he writing is very engaging. It’s punchy and direct, not beating around the bush but almost in your face with its drama and eroticism. The authors aren’t trying to hide or allude to anything, the story is upfront and almost brutal at times. It makes me very curious about future episodes and how much they’ll hinge on the sexual aspect. As a first episode, it’s captured my attention and made me eager to read future installments. *This review applies to Episode 1 only"

3 - Cole at The Armchair Reader
"This second story does a pretty good job of extending and strengthening those things which stood out in the first story. I’m still really enjoying this serial and looking forward to the coming stories. I have to admit that this story started to edge closer to the line in my comfort zone, but that made this story all the more exciting for me. I never quite felt that it was in danger of going too far for me (it would have to be very, very far!), but there was a bit of a discordant mood in this story that felt as if it was perfectly set to make the reader feel Gabriel’s warring excitement and unease with the sex party and his part in it. **Note: this review applies to the second episode only."

0 - Jenre at Well Read
"As an opening to a novel this was pretty gripping. There's lots of sex, some of it m/f, and m/m/f, so if that's not your thing then you may not like this. I particularly liked the contrast between the two characters, the slick and worldly Dorian and the innocent and wide-eyed Gabriel - devil and angel. It will be interesting to see how their relationship develops. [T]his was ... a terrific read and one which had me champing at the bit to read the next part."

0 - Jenre at Well Read
"This episode is taken solely from the point of view of Gabriel. Whilst part one provided the reader with a snapshot of the characters of Gabriel and Dorian - the innocent verses the worldly, this part focuses more on the relationship between Gabriel and Michael. Gabriel and Michael argue and snipe at each other but there is an underlying brotherly love and regard. Another aspect of this episode is Gabriel's debauchment by Dorian. I feel that the pieces have been put in place now and I shall look forward to seeing how Gabriel turns the tables on Dorian - for surely this must happen?! The story has gripped me already, the characters taking on life and seeping into my mind. *Note: this review applies solely to the second episode"

0 - Jenre at Well Read
"The story is really starting to gain some momentum here and one of the things I really liked about this episode is that it gives us more of an insight into Michael and Gabriel. I also liked seeing the changes in the relationship between Dorian and Gabriel. There's still attraction but there's a developing fascination for each other too. [O]n the whole a fascinating episode in this serial. The characters are really coming on and I liked that the focus here was less on sex and more on character development. I'm looking forward to part 4: the characters are in place and the background established so we must soon be coming towards the complication in the story which promises to be rather exciting. **Note: this review applies to the third episode only."

0 - Jenre at Well Read
"So overall, I had mixed feelings for this installment. I'm growing fonder of Michael, a little frustrated that Gabriel often can't see past his own cock (or Dorian's cock) but on the whole I still like him, however, my feelings for Dorian remain ambivalent. The plot is hotting up with the introduction of Henry and I'm looking forward to seeing where the story goes with part 5 which is due out in a few days. **Note-this review applies to Episode 4 only."


85,900 words
183 pages

Release Date

February 08, 2013

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Nathie Block


BDSM, bisexual, urban fantasy, dark themes, ghosts, M/M, M/M/F, paranormal, violence, abuse themes