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Honor Among Thieves

Amy Gaertner

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Master thief Danielle has been planning her latest heist for months. She's infiltrated the staff of Mark Henshaw, interested in his collection of priceless foreign artifacts. She's scoped out the museum where the collection will be displayed, teamed up with a genius hacker capable of fooling the security systems, and planned the job down to the second. Every variable has been identified and accounted for. The only thing she hasn't expected is falling for Liz Kaplan.

The young reporter is also interested in Mark Henshaw and his artifacts, specifically, their origin. If Liz can find evidence of illegal activities surrounding Henshaw's collection, the story would make her career. She's certain that Henshaw's security consultant, the beautiful Sabrina, knows more than she's saying, and Liz is determined to find out.

What Liz doesn't know, of course, is that Sabrina is actually Danielle, or that finding out the truth could be far more dangerous than she bargained for.

Everybody looks out-of-place somewhere. Liz stood out to me, because I couldn't shake the feeling that she'd look out-of-place anywhere.

Her careless brown hair pulled back into a messy bun and her youthful, makeup-less face proclaimed her a college student, but the careful and expensive lines of her skirt and the quality of her leather high heels hinted at a professional career. (The obvious age and subtle repairs to said shoes didn't speak well for that profession's salary.) Her shoulders were straight and serious, as were the delicate wire-rimmed spectacles perched carefully on her nose. Yet the look in her eyes—there was a softness there, and a keen intensity, as if she was taking everything in, and it was threatening to make her laugh.

Needless to say, I was impressed: very few people were a mystery to me. I couldn't remember the last time I'd met someone who left me wanting more. I'd only had one glimpse of her shy, honest smile, and already I wanted to buy her a drink. Of course, it was out of the question; don't get personally involved with people while you're living under an alias. It was one of the first rules.

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"All in all it was an enjoyable little read. It was paced well and it was interesting, and the ending was sweet. If you’re after a bisexual heist novel for some light reading, I could recommend this."


13,700 words
33 pages

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Short Story


Lesbian, Bisexual



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Dare Empire eMedia


F/F, M/F, bisexual, suspense, crime