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Harm Reduction

Heidi Belleau
Violetta Vane

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It's 1992 in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, and Magic Johnson has just gone public about being HIV+. Out of the news but right at the frontlines, Julio Torres works the streets and the parks, doing everything he can to keep more people from dying. He meets a young hustler named Linley who doesn't stand a chance. But no matter how hopeless, Julio never gives up trying to do the right thing.

It's 2012 in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, and there's a Whole Foods around the corner selling organic flowers for Valentine's Day. The city has changed, and so has the world, but Julio is still holding on to his past. He's moved on with his life, taken up new causes, but he just can't let Linley's memory go.

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4 - Darien at Pants Off Reviews
"It seems it always the shorter stories that leave a big impact and Harm Reduction was one of them. It gives you realism in those seventeen pages, because somewhere in the world, someone could be living and feeling exactly what is in this story.... I expect great things from Heidi and Violetta; these two know how to throw down.... I really enjoyed this one, a small story worthy of novel praises."


5,400 words

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M/M, interracial, HIV