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Ground Mission

Laylah Hunter

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Simon Pollux and Adrian Lovasz are podmates, and a matched set besides: Simon, the lethal scout, and Adrian, his willing and even more lethal combat specialist. In the midst of exploring an alien world, Simon is infected with an alien virus, and Adrian must decide to what lengths he'll go to ensure Simon's comfort.

Adrian wakes up as soon as his capsule unseals, the hiss of transpirating cryofluid loud in his ears; he tries to take a deep breath, reflexively, and gets a little shot of old-fashioned adrenaline when the mask's steady, slow supply of oxygen isn't enough to fill his lungs. He claws it off with fingers still half-numb from cold sleep and breathes in deeply, sitting up in his open capsule.

The entire platoon has been activated, which probably means they're due for a ground mission. Ship-to-ship maneuvers don't usually call for a lot of warm bodies.

Adrian hauls himself out of the capsule to start getting dressed; the sooner he's out of there and moving, the sooner his body can start remembering how to function at full capacity. He stretches, flexes, rolls his shoulders, trying to see if he can detect any differences in the way his body works. Nothing obvious presents itself, so most likely he had only routine maintenance from the medical staff, no new upgrades.

"Subcaptain's address in five minutes," the intercom system tells them, and from the next capsule over Simon starts cursing.

Simon Pollux, Adrian's podmate, is a skinny, snarling little bundle of nerves and venom who bitches about missions even when they're going right and bites like a bulldog when he comes. Adrian probably could have picked him up one-handed even before the muscle upgrades, but that doesn't mean Simon's helpless, not by any means. He was modded primarily for intel gathering, with fine-tuned senses and a jack for offloading memory snapshots, but he's still infantry. His marksmanship is first rate, and he's decent in close quarters, and he has never shied away from a kill that needed to be made.

His black hair is shorn close to his scalp right now, which means he probably did get upgraded during this sleep cycle. Hopefully, the new hardware won't be anything too difficult for him to get used to—his already sunny disposition takes a turn for the completely unbearable when he's trying to adjust to an upgrade that doesn't work the way he expects.

He catches Adrian watching him and smirks as he zips up his landing suit. "Come out of the deep freeze with a boner?"

3.5 - Thommie at MM Good Book Reviews
"The entire read beside the action part, is quite tense with unconfessed feelings and their intimate encounters are HOT. This story is interesting, enticing, erotic, and mostly it keeps evoking different emotions from you at every turn. Strongly recommended for those who love hot men in a sci-fi setting, and action with a dose of tentacles thrown in for the fun of it. Enjoy!"


All Wrapped Up


16,900 words
38 pages

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Short Story





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M/M, science fiction, tentacles