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Gift of the Familiar

Alex Whitehall

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Ellis and William from Mark of the Familiar have found their happy ever after in each other's arms. But that doesn't mean they can't keep life—and love—interesting. As they celebrate First Day together, Ellis learns the origins of the day and of his people. In the spirit of the holiday, William gives Ellis a length of rope to further explore the boundaries of their relationship. In return, Ellis does his best to show he understands exactly what giving and submitting are all about.

"Blessed First Day!"

Ellis cracked open an eye to see William's boyish grin, and then grumbled and rolled over into the warm spot William had abandoned for Ferra only knew what reason. He pulled the blankets over his head with a paw and closed his eyes, but it was impossible to ignore the excited thump of William's heart when his own kept pace with it. Still, it was warm in the bed. And he enjoyed being warm and comfortable and allowed to lounge even when his Master obviously wanted him up.

The bed bounced when William jumped on it, trapping Ellis beneath the blanket and William's limbs, not that Ellis was complaining. He snuffled, and then wormed his way to poke his head out the top. That earned him a smile and a kiss on the nose. "Good morning."

Mornings were better when he slept in later, but they were pretty good when they started with his Master's kisses. Even if that was every morning. He purred, leaning up for more kisses, stretching his snow leopard neck until it melted seamlessly into a human neck and human lips. William took pity, digging his fingers through Ellis' curls to hold his head as their mouths sealed together, slick tongues sliding, stroking, grinding against one another until Ellis was moaning and squirming in his blanketed prison.

"Want something?" William asked, teasing along Ellis' pulse with his thumbs.

Ellis finagled one arm out, latched on to William's neck, and pulled him down again. "You, Master, you." He may have whimpered, but it was swallowed up by William's mouth.

William left nips and kisses across his lips, his chin, down his jaw, where his Master whispered, "But it's First Day, Ellis. Surely you want to get up?"

"I am up." He freed a second arm and used it as leverage to pull the rest of his body from the confines and twist their positions so he could splay his naked body over William. Trying not to rut against the nice clothes. "Why are you dressed?"

"Because it's First Day and we're going downstairs soon."

Ellis pouted and paused in unbuttoning William's shirt. "Why?"

"To celebrate." He carded his fingers through Ellis' curls, frowning. "You never celebrated First Day, did you?"

"No, old master kept me in the cage for First Day. Said Familiars were punished for their failings that day."

William smirked. "You don't look too worried about that happening today."

"Of course not. Old master was full of lies. Plus," Ellis grinned and leaned down to touch noses, "I've never failed you."

William's gray eyes crinkled with a smile, one arm slinking around Ellis' waist, the other tilting his head for a tender kiss. "You're right. Not once."

0 - Serena at Rainbow Book Reviews
"If you like stories about the way men with magical abilities live their lives and love each other, if you enjoy spending some time reading abut a mystical world with all its legends and customs, and if you want to know more about Ellis and his True Master William from ‘Mark of the Familiar’, then you will probably like this second short story. I think it is enchanting."


Milk and Cookies and Handcuffs


10,300 words
26 pages

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Short Story





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ThinkSentient Ltd


M/M, BDSM, fantasy, shifter, tattoo