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Gay & Lesbian Coffee Break Quickies


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Ah, the allure of the office romance. The sly smiles across the room as you wonder if anyone else knows. The danger of being caught by the boss. The thrill of those stolen moments in the copy room or supply closet. It's this feeling that we've condensed, distilled, and captured in the short shorts of Gay & Lesbian Coffee Break Quickies. We've compiled thirteen brief tales of men and women getting it on with a co-worker or a boss in a steamy office romance.

Some of them are established and have been sneaking around the office for some time, like Lori Hunt and her P.A. Ms. Lovell in She's the Boss or Tom and Neal in Personal Assistance. Others, like The New Guy's Greg and Eli or the awkwardly-named Rebecca A. and Rebecca B. from Tele-Romance are just beginning to experience the allure that can come from keeping the secret. Nor are such trysts confined to the office itself, spilling out into stairwells, copy rooms, gyms, and even computer server rooms. Whatever the case, though, they're sure to arouse your imagination, and maybe even leave you looking at your own co-workers a little bit... differently.

Gay & Lesbian Coffee Break Quickies includes:
Skype Wars by Rob Rosen
Hands On by K. Piet
One Week by L. Alonso Corona
Working Lunch by Ann Anderson
Personal Assistance by K. Lynn
She's the Boss by Angel Propps
The New Guy by John Amory
Stair Walking by Harper Bliss
1-888-BOREDOM by Raven de Hart
Fair Play by Anna Hedley
His Nonexistent Coffee Break by Lor Rose
Tele-Romance by Erik Moore
Three Strikes by Piper Vaughn

Sarah purred as she climbed onto the massage table and slid between the sheets. The table warmer was on, and everything was smooth and toasty. That alone helped dial Sarah's tension back a notch, and she positioned herself on the table, adjusting the face cradle until her neck was comfortable. There was a scent of citrus and spice wafting to her nose, and Sarah smiled against the padding of the face cradle. Gwen must have rubbed a little aromatherapy lotion along the ridge of the face cradle cover. Sarah made a mental note to try that in the future. It reminded her of Gwen, and that vision of Gwen naked in the woods popped into her mind again. Beautiful, sprite-like with her blond pixie-cut, so forbidden. It was an intoxicating fantasy that made Sarah tingle between her legs. Her hand inched toward her groin, her fingers wiggling between her body and the sheets to play along her folds.

A knock at the door made her jump, her hand snapping back to her side in an instant. "Come in!" she called, cursing the crack in her voice and the pounding of her heart as Gwen quickly stepped into the room and turned the lights down.

"Nice and comfortable?" Gwen asked as she tidied up the sheets over Sarah's body. Sarah's answering grunt made Gwen laugh. "I know. Your back hurts, and you probably have a lot of tension in your neck and glutes, too. Anything else you'd like me to pay attention to?"

Sarah could name a few things at the moment, but none of them were appropriate, so she just mumbled into the face cradle. "Do whatever you like. I'm game."

-- from "Hands On" by K. Piet

5 - Sean at World of Diversity Fiction
"I absolutely loved this idea of anthology. I hope SMP will continue doing the similar anthology calls like this. It’s perfect for anyone who wanted to read something quick and gets all hot up from it. [Y]ou all have to try this anthology out. It has both Gay and Lesbian stories and they all were done really well. Highly recommended if you need to get your horniness on ;D **Note: the rating applies to the anthology as a whole"

4.5 - Gabbi at Top 2 Bottom Reviews
"Hot internet sex with cameras is an excellent way to start this anthology. The writing is close to the skin, palpable, sensual. Sneaky and sexy. Definitely worth the read. [t]he best line in the anthology: “Aaand I just saw my boss’s penis, and it’s not even lunchtime yet. Great.” Turnabout is fair play. This was exciting and rough, very good. **Note: the rating applies to the anthology as a whole."

3.5 - Lucy at Hearts on Fire Reviews
"The idea behind this anthology is just what the title implies – quick short stories about love and sex at work. It’s a clever idea and for the most part very sexy, creative and/or cleverly executed. I am quickly becoming more and more of a fan of anthologies, as I get to “sample” so to speak so many new to me authors. As with any anthology, I had clear favorites (hello, Nonexistent Coffee Break!) **Note: this rating applies to the anthology as a whole."


Gay & Lesbian Coffee Break Quickies


40,000 words
118 pages

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Gay, Lesbian



Cover Art

S.L. Armstrong


M/M, F/F, BDSM, contemporary, friends with benefits, humor, roleplay, toys


Angel Propps
Ann Anderson
Anna Hedley
Erik Moore
Harper Bliss
John Amory
K. Lynn
K. Piet
L. Alonso Corona
Lor Rose
Piper Vaughn
Raven de Hart
Rob Rosen