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Freeing Pain

Lor Rose

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Animals have rights, too...

The We Are One foundation isn't moving fast enough for Jude Kash when it comes to rescuing Sampson, an abused liger. Sampson's owner, Whitman, won't comply with petitions and offers to better the conditions of Sampson's living space.

Jude Kash decides to take matters into his own hands and rescue the liger himself. Too bad Kash wasn't accounting for two major obstacles: Whitman and a furious liger named Sampson.

"Easy, Sampson, easy." Jude Kash tries to soothe the large beast. Sampson growls and lashes out, but oddly enough, not directly at him. The giant liger pulls on his chain leash. A long ragged scar from the cat's wrist and down over his paw makes Kash inwardly cringe. One bright floodlight lights up the area in the dark night.

Rumors of the cat's abuse ring even more true to Kash. The plight of Sampson the liger tore at the hearts of everyone involved with We Are One. Hearsay said the liger was kept in minimal conditions. From what Kash sees, the rumors are true. Sampson stays chained to a large oak tree on what looks like a thirty foot chain. A large lean-to structure is the only source of shelter for the cat. A child's swimming pool is the cat's makeshift water dish. The water is slimy and dirty. Mosquitoes linger over the water, creating a small moving cloud. Old bones and rotten carcasses litter the area, leaving a lingering smell of death and decay. Feces coats the ground; only one small area next to the lean-to remains clear.

It's something Kash couldn't ignore anymore. He shouldn't trespass on someone else's private property, and he really shouldn't steal Sampson, but what choice does he have? Everyone at We Are One is dragging their feet on helping Sampson. Petitions and flyers aren't enough.

Sampson roars; his large honey eyes dart every which way. The chains groan, and the tree he's tethered to shakes with the ferocity of his violent outburst.

A gun cocking freezes Kash in place. "What the hell do you think you're doing?"

0 - Serena at Rainbow Book Reviews
"This is a nice, very short short story about an animal rights activist who sets out to free a mistreated liger. What he finds once the cat is free is – something totally unexpected for him. The twist adds an additional dimension to this simple story, one that tells me there is potential for more. If you like stories about men who fight for what they believe in, if you're looking for a read with a twist, and if you enjoy books with a touch of the paranormal, you will probably enjoy this very short story."


Earth Day Celebration


2,500 words
9 pages

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M/M, shifter