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Forever Changing

Kathleen Tudor

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Tiana has a crush on her best guy friend from school, and now that they've graduated, it's the perfect chance to come clean. Except that Tiana wasn't always a girl... and coming out is hard enough without putting her heart on the line. Tiana has a long road ahead of her, and she's not sure that Neil can handle loving a girl in transition and all that comes with it. On the other hand, could she forgive herself if she didn't give him the chance to try?

The two boys took Neil's beat-up old Toyota sedan out into the desert behind the small airport. The air was hot and still, and the car crunched and bounced over the red sand as they made their way to the spot they'd chosen. They parked behind a chain link fence overlooking part of the runway, right under a 'No Trespassing' sign, and laughed to each other about it, just as they did every other time.

At some point Neil or one of the other kids who came out here had put a big black dot in the middle of the 'o' to make it look like a target, and they climbed onto the hood of the car with handfuls of pebbles, taking turns throwing or flicking them at the sign.

"We should have brought some beer," Neil said. He always said that. Tommy just rolled his eyes. He knew his friend didn't drink, but Neil seemed to think it felt like the right thing to say in a lonely patch of desert where no one ever bothered them but the sun.

"Did you go to any parties after graduation?" Tommy asked. He eyed Neil out of the corner of his eye, pretty sure the answer was no. Neil looked like one of the school's toughs, but he was a good student and not much of a rule breaker. It was his dirty little secret.

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11,500 words
30 pages

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Short Story





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Trans*, contemporary, college