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Devil's Night


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The infernal host is on the prowl. They want your soul, and they're not afraid to bargain for it. They'll promise you everything you could ever desire, but the price tag may be steeper than you can handle. Whether tempting and seducing mortals, defiling angels, or reveling among themselves, the fiendish creatures in these four haunting tales know that while good is okay, evil is just more fun.

Thaddeus sold his soul to save his family long ago, but the deal he struck with the demon Belial has him spending eternity managing Le Carnaval du Diable, filled to the brim with other's damned into servitude. Belial wants more than Thaddeus' soul, though, and his constant advances only add to Thaddeus' stress as he faces a threat to The Devil's Midway.

Craig Peters finds himself Hell Bound and destined for an eternity of torture at the hands of the demon Karawan, despite having no memory of the sin that condemned him to this existence. Over time, though, those memories return, along with an unnatural attraction to Karawan, which leads them both down a path neither of them could have possibly imagined.

When the Hounds Come Out to Play, Ryu and Keir are released from their chains to hunt the wayward damned and drag them down to Hell. A breath of freedom is an opportunity for fun, however, and Ryu isn't about to waste it, even if it means getting caught in a case of mistaken identity with a handsome stranger.

Finally, Beltran is a man of heritage and honor, and when his cousin is brutalized, he has few qualms about consulting a local Inca shaman on her behalf. Little does he know the price of the charm he seeks will make him The Seventh Sacrifice in the amaru demon Kitara's ancient quest for revenge.

Thaddeus turned away from the spectacle and pushed out of the Ten-In-One tent. It wasn't much cooler outside. October in Georgia was hellishly humid for his tastes. He much preferred spring and summer in the north circuit than the fall and winter one down south. He raked his hand through his hair, wrinkling his nose in disgust at the sweat. He'd bathed three days ago, and he'd need to bathe again tonight. He smelled. Thaddeus hated smelling because, around here, you smelled like fear and brimstone and smoke.

He stepped up into his trailer, shedding his boots and shirt almost instantly. Christ, the fabric even made a sopping slap as he dropped it to the floor. Thaddeus yanked on the button of his trousers as he made his way into the back of his trailer where a tin tub—small but useable—waited. He had his trousers down around his ankles when the scent of sulfur and ash almost bowled him over. Looking over his shoulder, he groaned. "You."

"I had to drop by. You made it to Macon a week early."

Thaddeus ignored the yellow-eyed gaze on his ass as he bent over to yank his trousers off his feet. "We didn't stop in Milledgeville. No reason to. More marks here than there, anyway." He didn't hear anything, but by the time he stood up, there was a hand around his throat, shoving him into the wall of his trailer. His hands immediately flew up to pry at the vise squeezing at him, his vision full of pale skin, handsome features, and smoldering amber eyes.

"It isn't your place to decide if the carnaval skips a stop or not, Thaddeus."

"Belial," Thaddeus rasped out, clawing at the hand around his throat. "Let me go!"

Belial's eyes flashed. "Don't skip another stop."

"All right!" The world was going dim at the periphery of his vision, and Thaddeus thought he would finally die. He was looking forward to that moment, but then Belial stepped back, released him, and Thaddeus fell to the wooden floor in a coughing heap.

"Now, you sent word that we needed to speak?" Belial smiled down at him. "Does this mean you're finally ready to go to your hands and knees for me?"

Thaddeus laughed, though it came out more like a croak. "I've told you, I bargained away my soul, not my body."

-- from "The Devil's Midway" by S.L. Armstrong & K. Piet

5 - Pat at Top 2 Bottom Reviews
"I really enjoyed these four tales that are anything but ordinary. The authors are able to breathe new life into the old standby of evil is bad and give them original and unique twists and turns that keep you guessing until the very end!"

4.5 - Cryselle at Reviews by Jessewave
"Another anthology with some favorite authors and new to me names, and a fine diabolical streak running through the stories. Sexual tension, in gobs. Danger and threats, lots and lots. Hellishly charming beings, definitely. Hot sex, oh yeah. But if you read expecting romance, you aren't going to be happy.... Devil's Night is recommended for the reader who doesn't require a consistently happy ending but does want tension and heat."

4 - Cole at The Armchair Reader
"These four stories work really well together simply because they're all incredibly original in different ways. Don't expect your typical demon/angel trope here. They do however take the atmosphere of this time of the year into the tone of each story without it becoming... Halloween-y."


Devil's Night


42,500 words
124 pages

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978-1-937058-59-3 (print)
978-1-937058-72-2 (ebook)

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M/M, dark themes, death, demons, dubious consent, paranormal, torture, violence, unresolved sexual tension


Alina Ray
Azalea Moone
K. Piet
S.L. Armstrong
Tali Spencer