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Desire: Stories of Longing

K.L. Joy

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After Awakening Comes The Longing...

Expanding on the world she created in Catalyst: Stories of Awakening, K.L. Joy brings more sensual delights and forbidden pleasures to light in Desire: Stories of Longing.

Ex-stripper GG, now remade as the confident Domina, Lady Vivianne, has all that she could have wanted: a growing corsetry business, her dear friends Victor and Kate, and now Rhiannon, her faithful submissive. There is such a thing as too much success, though, and the demands of her business quickly outgrow the confines of her home. Fortunately, her mentor Victor steps in with an offer of a physical shop, going so far as to set everything up and assign one of his trusted assistants, Belle, to help with the operations. For Vivianne, it seems too good to be true.

But Belle is a budding submissive in her own right, and the mutual attraction between her and Vivianne does not go unnoticed by the neglected and jealous Rhiannon. All too quickly, Vivianne finds herself again in over her head, torn between lovers and still haunted by a past determined not to let her be. The tighter she grips, the more she loses control, and this time it may be more than even her closest friends and allies can pull her back from.

Vivianne wore tracksuit pants and a white halter as she sat among the boxes and bolts of fabric that had taken over her once-immaculate dining room. The eight-seat, solid mahogany table was strewn with materials and paperwork for the corsets on order. Her head screeched from the onset of a migraine. The corsetry business that had started as a sideline had taken over her life and home. Between her schedule and Rhiannon's shift work, she had not even had time to flog her lately. Vivianne headed to her humble kitchen and grabbed a couple of headache tablets. She had planned to rest and nurse her headache, but the phone rang. While she was debating whether or not she should answer it, the machine picked up.

"Viv, sweetie, we're baaaack!" Kate's cheerful voice crackled through the speaker.

Vivianne raced to pick up the phone. "Kate, darling, how are you? When did you get back? Where are you now?" Vivianne had been missing this beautiful lady who had come into her life eighteen months ago.

"Sir and I got back about five days ago; he has been holed up with business until now. We were wondering what you were up to; we thought we might pop over for a visit."

A quick glance over the kitchen/dining room area, and Vivianne decided it was best to meet out of the house.

"How about we meet somewhere else; I can come to you?" No sooner were the words out of her mouth when the doorbell rang. "Shit! Can you hang on a sec? Someone's at the door."

"Sure, sweetie." Kate could hardly keep the smile out of her voice.

As Vivianne opened the door, she saw Kate hanging up her mobile phone. Kate was tall, tanned, and wore her gorgeous collar. She shone as Victor's wench. Victor stood beside her.

"Girl, what are you doing to me?" Vivianne said, still with house phone to her ear. Vivianne looked at it and tossed it onto the hall table.

4 - Rachel Tsoumbakos
"I’m really impressed with the way the author manages to describe her kink with such beauty. When reading erotica, I normally find myself cringing at some of the rudimentary descriptives. This never happens in KL’s works. She is crass and bold and at times embarrassingly honest, yet I am never shying away from her prose. The author certainly knows how to get the reader in the mood! I really, really can’t wait to read more by this author!"

0 - jj at Rainbow Book Reviews
"This was an extraordinary second trip through this amazing yet still strange world with the additional sensation that countless more levels are yet to be revealed to me as a true newcomer. I felt at one with the Dominants yet close to the submissive folks leaving me with many questions. I must compliment any and all who were involved with the design of the book cover. It is eye-opening and unforgettable. I hope you enjoy this book. I think it is breathtaking."

0 - Master Bella, Piercing HQ, Melbourne, Australia
"Welcome to a tantalising rare glimpse into a world often spoken of in whispered tones, with flushed faces. With questions like "Have you ever...?" Where the first tentative sentence gauges whether your confidante is going to be excited by what you have just read—or think that you are just plain "weird". This book exposes the secret, real world, of BDSM, the characters who choose it as a lifestyle, and the wild things they explore together to reach the highest of sensual highs. From the private mansions, to the public events, the toys, the fantasies, and the oh-so-decadent clothing, all combine to set the scene for a most entertaining read.

Are you ready for the ride?"


Stories Of...


52,000 words
132 pages

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Lesbian, Bisexual



Cover Art

Lou Harper


F/F, bisexual, BDSM, bondage, D/s, dubious consent, menage a trois, toys