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Depression, Love, and Swimming Pools

Leigh Wilder

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A dozen years after discovering his father's suicide, Cale returns home and finds his older brother Derrick showing the same signs of melancholy. But as much as he wants to help his brother, he fears being sucked back into that world he'd fought so hard to escape. Ultimately, the solution takes the two down a path they never thought they'd tread.

He watched his brother float and battled visions of his father's corpse. "Mother says you've been in there for two days," he called out.

"I got out to sleep," Derrick protested.

"What are you doing?"

"What does it look like? Nothing."

"Have you been eating?" Cale asked.

"Haven't felt like it."

"Would you like to come in now?"

"Not really," Derrick answered.

3 - Lisa at MM Good Book Reviews
"There is a lot of pain and anguish here but there is love between them. The sex between them is tender and sensuous, but a little daring. It is a good book, but I find that it isn’t one that makes me want to read it again. I did love the characters, but I just think it should be more developed."


Fraternal Devotion


9,600 words
24 pages

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Short Story





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M/M, incest, contemporary