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Dead Heat

Ren Thompson

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The heart just knows...

The city of Toronto is now a thriving hotbed of undead activity, and Dana Layton, brash zombie hunter with a temper as fiery as her hair, believes in only one thing: taking care of business. As a member of an elite zombie hunting organization, Dana can hang with the best of them, but the wall around her heart is as high as the one erected around her fortified home.

Kelly Forrester thought she had what she wanted most of all—a career that made a difference. Blindsided by a crash course in reality, Kelly is left with a life-altering choice: Should she play it safe or follow her heart?

In an already dark world, a new kind of terror emerges, one that threatens to tear apart Toronto's fragile peace. Dana's back is against the wall, and time is running out for both her beloved city, and the woman who's stolen her heart.

2030, Midtown

Dana Layton pounded down the dimly-lit alley after her squad leader, Rick Gallagher. She groaned in frustration as his big frame sailed through the darkened maze of buildings with the grace of a gazelle. Her feet hammered against the concrete while her lungs screamed from the exertion of trying to keep up. She eyed his back, grit her teeth, and pumped her legs harder, determined not to be left behind. The familiar thump-thump of the small unit pack between shoulders eased some of the fear she felt.

She leaped over an over-turned trashcan and landed in a puddle, the weight of her booted feet startling the vermin that had been inside. They scattered in all directions like a fast moving river of black fur, their high-pitched squeals following them into the darkness. She gasped and stumbled when a few of them ran over her feet. Revulsion, thick and beady, raced through her belly, and she pressed a hand to her chest. With trembling fingers, she removed her cap to wipe her brow before she turned, frantically, to see where Rick was. Blinking against the unfamiliar sensation of the vision-enhancing modifications, Dana squinted as Rick's frame shifted a little. He had come to an abrupt halt along the side of a building, no more than a few meters away.

Dana replaced her cap before glancing behind her, the tiny scanners on her eyes taking in every detail of the alley. Shadows seemed to shift and move. She tightened her grip on the Uzi. Several pairs of flat, silvery eyes watched her from the depths, their silent warning evident. Nervous adrenaline flooded her veins, but she pushed it aside to focus on the task at hand. She turned back in time to see Rick disappear around the corner and quickly followed him, tapping a finger against her ear-piece to make sure the device was set on mute.

A frantic call into the city's dispatch center had mobilized her unit into the heart of Chinatown, where a suspected nest of zombies maybe hidden behind the Wen Ho Ming plaza near the main nucleus of the former tourist attraction. A missing persons notification came with the details: young male, late teens or early twenties, of East Asian descent.

Someone was out past curfew.

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64,300 words

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978-1-62757-110-4 (print)
978-1-62757-109-8 (ebook)

Cover Art

Lou Harper


F/F, lesbian, zombies, violence, dark themes, snuff, post-apocalyptic, horror, dubious consent, romance, erotic horror