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Compromised Judgment

Penny K. Moss

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Rózsa Ignác is under cover to expose a gunrunning operation supplying arms to his enemies. His mission is simple: mark a crate of weapons so it can be tracked for evidence. If successful, they can find all those responsible, and Ignác has the feeling the scheme goes right up to the top, to Second Apprentice Tarr Andor. All he has to do is prove it, and that means getting close to Tarr Andor's subordinates.

Cistalan Konrád is the key to Ignác's investigation, but his growing attraction to Konrád threatens to compromise his judgment, not to mention his mission. An unexpected confrontation reveals a sliver of Konrád's past, sparking Ignác's interest to an all-time high. But risking contact and trusting Konrád could endanger everything he was sent to accomplish.

Ignác crept through the quite halls of Feke-Puskís. His cover as a Feke-Odís scholar gave him wide access to the Feke-Puskís School, but it did not make people trust him, and he had less than a week left to expose the weapons smuggling ring being run by Second Apprentice Tarr Andor. Ignác had been afraid it wouldn't be enough time, but he had finally uncovered how Tarr Andor was skimming the weapons he provided the Kezdet.

Now, Ignác just had to mark a crate of weapons for the Orsá to track. Once it passed into Kezdet hands, the Orsá would have the evidence they needed to justify a raid on Feke-Puskís.

Tarr Andor's scheme was clever. Ignác did have to give him credit for that. He wasn't having his associates skim them off the assembly line as Ignác initially thought. No, the skimming started during the inspection phase. Tarr Andor, or one of his associates, would fail a functional weapon, mark it, and then a compatriot in the salvage room would set it aside for Tarr Andor to collect during one of his legitimate part runs. He'd then store it in the workshop he shared with his subordinates until he had accumulated enough to smuggle out a crate.

The only problem with the scheme was the small number of weapons it netted. It was a good way to skim long-term, but it was not a good way to get the Kezdet a large quantity of weapons quickly, and the Kezdet cells the Orsá had broken up had all been well-armed. So either Tarr Andor had a secret assembly line—unlikely since only master gunsmiths had access to the materials and facilities to run one—or the Kezdet had allies in other Puskís Schools, their own production facilities, or both.

5 - Fire Pages
"I was glued to the pages wondering what the outcome of [the] relationship would be. The combination of occupations and level of attraction is dangerous and can even turn deadly. (The rating applies to the anthology as a whole.)"

4.5 - Between the Covers
" There is mystery, intrigue, spying, and dangerous attractions all tangling together to form what ended up being an enjoyable story. Although there is some frustration with only seeing a glimpse of what promises to be a larger world, for the most part the knowledge the reader needs is provided within the story. (The rating applies to the anthology as a whole.)"

4.5 - Darien at Pants Off Reviews
"Rozsa is an undercover agent about the blow the lid off some gun smuggling. That's until there was Konrad, a man Rozsa is deeply attracted to but is very much a part of the case.... The gun is a part of both men, one makes it and the other wields it; but together they make a very loud bang. (The rating applies to the anthology as a whole.)"

4 - Cole at The Armchair Reader
"Set in a world that is both complex and fascinating, it holds a lot of punch for such a short story. I really enjoyed the way everything was so unique in the way the law enforcement was designed and how the gun production facilities varied.... Overall, a nice read. I was confused most of the time but I adored the attraction between Ignác and Konrád."

4 - Naunet at Blackraven's Reviews
" The two main characters are realistic with a lot of tension between them both intimately and on the job.... [The author] makes a strong impression about how loyalty and a sense of honor is so very important and may result in denying your needs. That message was powerful and appreciated. (The rating applies to the anthology as a whole.)"


Weight of a Gun


11,800 words
30 pages

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Short Story





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Dare Empire eMedia


M/M, gun kink, dubious consent