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City of Foxes

Cornelia Grey

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The last thing Jake Sullivan wanted to do upon returning to the city was get involved in the ongoing struggle between the organized militia and the fox people. After saving a fox child from bullies, however, he finds himself in the heart of the foxes' slums, where showing his face as a human can be just as dangerous as messing with the militia in the city proper. The proximity of Liam, a white fox with healing powers, certainly doesn't make things any easier. The attractive fox throws his own powers into an uncontrollable overdrive, not to mention his libido.

When several of the fox people are captured by the militia, Jake's presence is like salt on old wounds. Prejudices and politics flare, and Jake's secrets threaten to ruin his shaky alliance. If they are to save the foxes taken by the militia for experimentation, it will take all the cunning and power the clan can muster. Unfortunately, that also means they'll have to put their trust the one place they'd never imagined: in the hands of a human.

Jake woke up with a gasp, and hauled himself upright.

He was in a small, cramped room with walls a collage of metal scraps, a plastic roof. Assorted junk lay on the floor, arranged in neat piles in the corner. Jake craned his neck to the side, spotting a small old stove. The fire was reduced to dying embers.

He was lying on a rickety camp bed, his jacket folded at the bottom. He pushed himself up, shaking his head, trying to clear the—


He wiggled his shoulders, puzzled. Tentatively, he leaned back, resting his weight on his arms. Nothing. He reached to touch his left shoulder, pressing down with his fingertips, half-expecting an explosion of pain, and all he found was a neat round hole in a sleeve stiff with dried blood, and perfectly whole flesh underneath. He sure wasn't about to complain, but... what the hell?

5 - Elisa Rolle
"This tale has really the feeling of an old fashioned sci-fi/futuristic romance; it's more adventure than romance, even if there is sexual tension between Jake and Liam, but they have little chances to turn the tension in man-on-man action. Not that the white little pointed ears and the long bushy tail of Liam wasn't attractive, on the contrary it was just that level of 'kinky' to be enticing. (Note: The rating given applies to the anthology as a whole.)"

5 - Lis at Rarely Dusty Books
"I was surprised how well worked out this story was considering there are not many pages. There is a lot happening and the worldbuilding is beautifully done. You get just the right amount of information about the setting, The Militia and the Fox People to keep things interesting and not an information dump. At the same time the characters of Jake and Liam are three dimensional. They are their own persons and have their own voices. It's nice to see how they both get along and clash."

4.5 - Zee at Fire Pages
"I really enjoyed the friendship that occurs between Jake and Liam. Even though trust is rare between the fox people and the human race, Liam and Jake find a way to overcome those obstacles, even when the fox people begin to grow restless. ... I love [Cornelia Grey's] writing style. It is strong, easy to read, and I have the opportunity to sit back and enjoy a great story. (Note: The rating given applies to the anthology as a whole.)"

4 - Cryselle at Dark Divas Reviews
"[F]ine atmospheric writing; I could taste the grit of the city and feel the shards of betrayal. The love story plays against an exploration of man-as-animal and man-worse-than-animal: we humans need our shining individuals to have any claim to worth as a species. (Note: The rating given applies to the anthology as a whole.)"

4 - Alex at Between the Covers
"The story unfolds as the two main characters learn to tease and trust one another while unrest builds in the fox community. Along with an interesting plot, there are dynamic characters who worm their way into the heart, all topped off with a strong writing style. (Note: The rating given applies to the anthology as a whole.)"

4 - Jenre at Well Read
"What I liked about this one was the world of the fox people and the sadness of their persecution. Jake and Liam worked as a couple, their romance believeable and the relationship that Jake has with the young fox kid, Kye, added a touch of lighthearted sweetness to the drama of the story. ... [T]he romance was sweetly handled and there are several exciting action scenes which kept me on the edge of my seat. (Note: The rating given applies to the anthology as a whole.)"

4 - Tam at Brief Encounters
"This interesting fantasy short hit almost all the right buttons for me. I was sucked in immediately to the world, the descriptions of the grimy "futuristic" city, built on crumbling ruins, with pollution and crime. I absolutely love the humour in this story. I chuckled many times. Both Jake and Liam had a snarky sarcastic wit, but as the story is told from Jake’s point of view you get more of him. The banter was fun and friendly and had a decidedly 21st century feel to it, but it fit. To be honest the "romance" between Jake and Liam really does take a back seat. But on the whole I was quite satisfied with that. I was so caught up in the world and everything that was going on, that I didn’t feel I was missing out on a grand romance."

4 - Cole at The Armchair Reader
"The writing in City of Foxes is strong and the plot unfolds with the reader’s participation. The world-building isn't freely given, yet each piece comes together along with the plot. I appreciated the respect given to the me to figure out the details and be an active reader."

4 - Joe at Man Oh Man Reviews
"This is a very enjoyable story that will make readers salivating for more. The story is brilliantly written, Ms. Grey has a real talent with words and paints a very clear picture of this world. Everything is clear in the reader's head and the characters are all distinct and real. The chemistry between the two main characters is well-crafted and very believable. I liked how they didn't jump into bed right away. There was some development with their evolving love so when they finally do do it it is that much hotter."

4 - M/M Good Book Reviews
"I liked the way this was written. You get a good idea of what the world is like and how the different species interact and how they live. Liam and Jake suited each other quite well and the sex was hot between them.... I'd recommend this to those who like paranormal, urban fantasy, hot sex and a good story."


Wild Passions


14,900 words
26 pages

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Short Story





Cover Art

Nathie Block


M/M, urban fantasy