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Changes on the Wind

Leigh Campbell

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Quiet librarian Lauren and her party girl younger sister Jillian's lifestyles only intersect around a few things. Magic seems to be the key that brings the two together, even with unwritten rules surrounding their lives. Taking a bit of time to give back with the library's Earth Day celebration gives them time together, but there are darker things waiting just around the corner for them both.

"If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need," Lauren quoted aloud to the filthy living room as she gathered the mess from the night before to start her latest project. Cicero. It was a good quote, and it always made her feel like he spoke to her and no one else. She had both: humble librarian by day, witch by night, and regular, all-American girl with a few extra pounds packed on her rear end the rest of the time.

Earth Day crept up on her quickly every year; she liked having a theme set up in the library that encouraged kids to learn more about their world, and even helped them grow their own little plants in the red plastic cups that she washed out from her sister Jillian's latest party.

The clean up the next morning was her revenge. Lauren wasn't quiet on Saturday morning, gathering all the red plastic cups up from just about every flat surface in the apartment, feeding just a bit of the beer to the plants in the kitchen before pouring the rest down the drain and scrubbing the cups clean. Nothing reusable went into the trash at their apartment, much to Jill's loud and colorful displeasure that Lauren couldn't just be a normal sister and throw things out when they'd been used.

Jill slowly trudged into the kitchen, muscles stiff and zombie-like as she made her way to the pot of coffee, gone cold by now. Lauren looked up from the sink and smiled. "Hello, Sleepyhead," she said as brightly as she could manage for having gotten about as much sleep as her sister, but very much better off for not having the hangover Jill had.

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Earth Day Celebration


2,900 words
9 pages

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F/F, witch