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K. Piet
S.L. Armstrong

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After a near-fatal accident, Logan Walker seeks help to control the compulsive blood fetish that almost cost his submissive's life. Help happens to be in the form of an athletic, smart psychologist by the name of Dr. Kasper Bromley. Kasper, though, soon finds himself swept up in the fantasies Logan came to him to control. Reluctantly throwing his ethics to the wind, Kasper submits himself to Logan, gambling his career, his future, and his heart on this intriguing man and the lifestyle he offers. But when Kasper's desires outpace Logan's, the young doctor is swept down into a whirlpool of sex and sadism that even Logan's love may not be enough to rescue him from.

The man across from Logan smiled. "You told my secretary that you'd been having distracting thoughts?" His hands were folded in his lap, a gesture Logan knew was meant to be inviting and non-threatening. "How long have they been distracting you?"

The atmosphere of the room was both clinical and undeniably soothing to Logan. He wasn't sure what did it, the color of the walls, the furnishings, or simply Dr. Bromley's serene presence across from him, but his eyes had instantly been drawn to the other man. Kasper was younger than he had expected his new psychologist to be, blond with blue eyes and a smile that seemed to immediately put him at ease. His nervous habits of chewing at his lower lip and picking at his fingernails suddenly didn't seem as overwhelming, for which he was grateful.

He wasn't sure how to begin, though he knew he had come here to speak. All the little scripts he'd written in his mind were suddenly too far away to grasp, and he let out a steadying breath. "A long time," he replied, looking down at his hands. "A really long time, if you count more than the last couple weeks when they've been unbearable. Maybe I've always had them. I don't know, but now that I've tried to ignore them, they seem all the more distracting."

"Sometimes when we want to forget things, those things become nearly impossible to forget." Kasper tilted his head, his eyes firmly on Logan. "Do you think these thoughts are destructive?"

Logan chuckled, though there was little mirth in the sound, and his dark blue eyes darted up momentarily to meet Kasper's. "What do you consider 'destructive'?"

"Do you want to cause you or someone else harm?"

Despite the comfort of the room, Logan fought not to bite his lip as he closed his eyes, a shiver running through him. "I want them to bleed. I make myself bleed. I threw away all my sterile razors to try and stop, but it just made me think about scissors and the knives in my kitchen..." His hands began to fidget as they had while he had sat in the waiting room before his appointment.

Kasper remained calm, his face a perfect reflection of unruffled serenity. "You wish to kill people? Kill yourself?"

5 - Cole at JesseWave Reviews
"The most beautiful aspect of this novel are the characters, Logan and Kasper.... [T]he authors gave these characters the care that they deserved, and because of that I felt for them and cared about their growth.... I never felt that the trust I had freely given to the authors in reading about this subject matter was betrayed.... Highly recommended."

5 - Well Read
"The heightened emotion and longing that both men feel was intense and I was helplessly drawn into that magnetic attraction that the two feel for each other, even as they know that professionalism and propriety dictate that they should deny the attraction.... By the end of the book I felt like I knew them intimately and I was so captivated by them that I rejoiced when circumstances brought them together."

5 - Fire Pages
"Catalyst is an amazing story.... K. Piet and S.L. Armstrong are phenomenal writers.... [T]heir novels are so thrilling because of deep character development.... This is highly recommended for anyone who enjoys reading BDSM novels."

5 - M/M Good Book Reviews
"This is definitely an in-depth psychological story.... A must read BDSM that will confuse, bemuse, have your heart ache.... I will recommend this to everyone who loves any type of BDSM, angst and a wonderfully written story that will have you feeling sorry for these two lovely confused men."

4.5 - Darien at Pants Off Reviews
"Catalyst is all you will love in [a] BDSM novel.... It is very clear that a lot of research and thought went into writing this book. Though I am fairly new to the BDSM reading scene, I have total respect for this book, because it offers great respect to an alternative sexual lifestyle.... A nice balance of romantic and intense mixed with the darkly forbidden."

4.5 -
"Catalyst features characters who are fractured and flawed but who are still charismatic enough to intrigue the reader. Their personalities unfold over the course of the novel as they each deal with compulsions which are so strong that they might be called addictions.... Ms. Armstrong and Ms. Piet incorporate strong emotion throughout this novel—pain, humiliation, anger (lots of anger) and sadness—and they present it in a manner that make the heroes dilemmas mean something to the reader.... Witnessing their change, their growth, their rise and fall is nothing less than fascinating. Catalyst is dark and intriguing and quite well done."

4 - Top 2 Bottom Reviews
"It's not often you will find a BDSM book which deals with someone and their blood fetish, never mind getting into the mind of the character with it and feeling their agony of losing all control much like a person jonesing for a cigarette or a drink, or drugs. There is no skipping around the plot here, if you pick up this book to read, expect to see the truth of things. These two authors push their readers and I'm glad for it."

4 - BDSM Book Reviews
"Catalyst was a nice change of pace. And it made me think.... The plot was interesting with parts of it not being predictable.... Character development was exceptionally well done."

4 - Kassa
"Catalyst is a hardcore BDSM story filled with tension and emotion. The characters are flawed, human, and very complex. The drama of their relationship, the arguments, the rock bottom, and then the slow road to recovery is simply fascinating. There are no simple, easy answers to the questions asked and that is the most engaging aspect of the story. The twists keep you guessing about what will happen, just how far the story will take you."

4 - Vanessa at V.C. Erotica
"S. L. Armstrong & K. Piet dare to take on a taboo fetish, the patient/doctor dynamic, and the sub/dom power exchange and to craft a fantastic story around it. Catalyst makes you think. It's not the norm in the BDSM M/M genre, but that's what makes this story stand out. It's unpredictable, exciting, interesting, heartbreaking, and triumphant. "

4 - Kristy at 3 Chicks After Dark
"I love an intense book, throw in two broken boys and I am in heaven! My head is pounding from the insanity Kasper and Logan left in their wake. Two guys trying desperately to maneuver through their fetishes. One seeking help, the other falling prey to his desire. For both life hangs in the balance. Intrigued? You should be! It’s a beautiful story with extreme BDSM and two broken boys. One so broken the other must try to mend him before it is too late."

3.5 - Katinka at Boys In Our Books
"If you like BDSM with struggling characters and somewhat purple prose, changes are that you will enjoy this. In that case, don’t let the bloodplay factor put you off, this book is less dark, dirty and dangerous than you’d expect."

3 - BookAddict at The Romance Reviews
"I would hope those who are not part of the BDSM lifestyle understand how delicately the authors tried to ensure a decent portrayal of the BDSM lifestyle.... While I don't believe it is the job of the author to teach people the rules and etiquettes of the BDSM lifestyle, I did appreciate how they showed it.... Overall, I enjoyed this book and I was caught up and engaged in the two main characters, Kasper and Logan. I enjoyed the power exchange, which was never mentioned but demonstrated over the course of this story. I recommend this lovely little piece to those who enjoy the harder sides to BDSM. "

0 - Sasha at eBook Addict Reviews
"This book took me by complete surprise. What I thought would be an all out kinky and seductive story turned out instead to be passionate and loving. I thought both characters played well against each other. It is through the ups and downs that both men discover self-worth and love. This is a well written love story that flows effortlessly."




81,000 words
247 pages

Release Date

February 14, 2011

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978-0-9827008-7-7 (print)
978-0-9827008-8-4 (ebook)

Cover Art

Nathie Block


M/M, BDSM, violence, drug use, doctor-patient relationship, dark themes, masochism, fetish