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Catalyst: Stories of Awakening

K.L. Joy

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Awaken Your Senses...

Several unsuspecting people are about to have their lives changed forever.

Kate, the confident Domina, steps into a realm which she feels is so familiar, yet upon meeting Asher, a wicked sensual Dom, Kate's whole world is turned upside down. Rhiannon, the unmistakable party girl, vivacious and impulsive, is quickly tamed to purr like a kitten. GG, the ex-stripper is possessed by a desire, but there would be no dancing for her except with the devil. And Sir Victor, a powerful debonair man whose presence has far reaching effects, further than anyone will ever know!

Through these stories of awakening, you will discover situations you thought existed only in your fantasies. Let your voyeur run free through this dark underground scene and watch each person's journey unfold, as their worlds collide and indelibly entwine.

They arrived at the club quite early, a bonus as the owner was able to show them all the new changes he had made. After a drink and chat upstairs, Asher decided it was time to head downstairs and set up an area of their own for the night. As he needed a power source for the violet wand, he asked the owner for suggestions.

"We have the cross set up in the back room downstairs... you might want to take advantage of that area as some privacy is offered there."

"That is not a concern of mine. Tonight I wish to show these two beauties off and put them through their paces for all to see." At these words, Kate's knees almost buckled. Jemma was calm and submissive in her stance, eyes lowered, deferring every decision to Sir.

"As you wish," was the only reply the owner gave as he showed them downstairs.

Once they had found their place, Kate asked if Sir would like anything to drink. He pulled out a fifty dollar note and gave her orders to get three drinks, which was something she was not expecting. She had planned to pay for the drinks herself. The club was still quiet, and Kate had a friend who worked behind the bar. They chatted, and she returned after some time with the drinks. Asher, looking very upset, demanded to know what took her so long.

"I have a friend who works the bar here, Sir, and I stopped for a chat. My apologies for the delay." As the words came out of her mouth, she knew she had done the wrong thing. Will punishment be swift or drawn out?

"Place the drinks down, except yours." Asher did not hide the fact that he was displeased, and Kate thought about the comment: "You will do my bidding for the night." She obeyed immediately, holding her drink in her hand, standing in front of him as he sat on the lounge chair with Jemma at his feet on the floor.

"I gave you an order to obtain three drinks, and you should have done that and come straight back. I am not to be left waiting. As you have seen fit to make me wait, I want you to hold that drink and not taste a drop of it. You will now wait, just as you made me wait." He looked at his watch and said, "Twenty minutes should do, and you are not to sit."

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"These linked stories building upon each other are like nothing I have read before and that was thrilling. From my point of view, there was nothing withheld or mollified. That only served to make the complete set of chapters more amazing and exhaustingly enjoyable. Not to be missed if you are up to the challenge."


Stories Of...


46,000 words
112 pages

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Heterosexual, Lesbian, Bisexual



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M/F, F/F, bisexual, BDSM, bondage, D/s, rape, toys, voyeurism